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Imagine this...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobby82, May 5, 2011.

  1. :bongin:... For one NIGHT, you get to be a cat in your neighborhood and you're high. damn what would you guys do?
  2. Cat Nip
  3. have nasty crazy alley cat sex?

    on cat nip lol

  4. best possible answer, the first time.
  5. lol is catnip kitty crack?
  6. I'd take a shit on my neighbors front porch.
  7. Epic game of the ground is made of lava.
  8. do we all have "that" neighbor we don't like?
  9. In order:

    1- Snort catnip
    2- Smoke catnip
    3- Make catnip munchies
    4- enjoy said munchies
    5- bring many dead birds to neighbor's porch
    6- annoy the fuck out of owner
    7- refuse to eat cat food because it's fucking disgusting
    8- Play WoW. As a cat.
    9- Talk to stoners with a human voice to freak them out
    10- Take a nap
  10. I would meet up with the other stray cats in the neighborhood and form a gang. We would terror the other animals we found, often killing them. Dogs would be raped. We would also slang catnip.
  11. :hide:
  12. I'd totally just walk up to drunk people after a night of partying and getting stoned and say stuff like, "Pass that s**t homie"

  13. Wouldn't raping the dogs be considered beastiality? Since you're only a cat for one night, you'd create a drug cartel of cats packing AK-47s and such due to the revenue generated from hood cats buying your catnip trade. So you'd have a hostile world takeover from cats. And many dogs would seek police brutality to take you down.
  14. i would chill with my own cat
  15. I guess since cat an dog are different species. Who gives a fuck, im a cat, i doubt they would have many moral values.

  16. Just be sure to watch out for kitty karma.
  17. Cats don't give a fuck about karma, they create their own karma. If a cat gets pissed it pisses on you clothes or scratches at your door when you are trying to sleep. Cats especially are all like, oh hey I'm gonna come sit on your lap when clearly you are doing something that would be very annoying to have a cat on your lap whilst doing. Long story short, cats are bitches.
  18. Lol it all depends on the cat you wanna be.
    The pimp? Who owns all the other feral pussies around the neighborhood.
    Or the bully cat( my cat) haha
    The solitary cat
  19. I would stay the fuck out of the road, thats for sure..
  20. pull a peeping tom catstyle on the milfs down the street all night!!!


    oh and shit all over my dick neighbors car.

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