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Discussion in 'General' started by alexjones, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Imagine if there was a machine invented that can convert marijuana herb and turn it into smoke instantly and it can be either a small or a large machine. Now if you were riding on the road and some bitch cyclists decide to be dicks on the road, you can spray them with this weed smoke from the machine and get them too high on the road lol

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  2. Brother you are high as shit.
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  3. Sounds stupid how high are u lmaooo

    There's no way it'd keep the smoke fresh it'd be like inhaling a fart :confused_2::laughing:
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  4. Military did it with LSD..
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  5. I don't think we should weaponize marijuana.

    But what about this?

    A weed sauna. Instead of steam, it's filled with weed smoke. So much weed smoke that you have to take an oxygen tank in there because you'd just be breathing in smoke so you'd have to take hits of oxygen so you wouldn't die.
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  6. I think the aincient Ukrainians, scythians, did something similar to it, according to the writings of a Roman historian at the time.

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  7. Joe Rogan did a stand up thing about weaponizing weed. Was kinda funny even tho he sucks at stand up.
  8. It already 3xists...

    People have been converting leaf blowers into smoke blowers for awhile now...

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  9. This describes my outbuilding.
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  10. Down to the O2 tanks?
  11. I actually do have a couple of SCUBA tanks tho I haven’t been in years.
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