Imagine the stoner parties we could have...

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thccrystals, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. here! Post some more places that would be cool to smoke at!

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  2. That cabin looks nice but it screams JASON from Friday the 13th at me!
  3. Those would be cool places to smoke.. I'd go fishing at both places too!!!!!!!
  4. that house on the lake is off the fuckin hook,

    a great place for everyone to get together and

    blaze at would b in my living room
    to my house the bat cave robin

    blaze chron
  5. omfg thats so fucking pretty! i would luv to go there!! my most favorite place ever to smoke is in the woods!! damn thats like a dream cabin castle!!!!! omfg thats so nice!! lol!
  6. I get to hang out at a house that my friend is house sitting tonight. It's pretty damn big! Plus i know the person who's house it is too. I can't wait to blaze it down tonight!
  7. Dont u think the house would be prone to fire as it is made of wood and would be holding like a hundred stoners. Still be very fun though, would be nice to go swimming in the lake after blazing.
  8. That house is fucking sweet , just think of the growing space in there! and away from everything just the way i like it! :)
  9. freind of mine who stayed at the house in american pie two. It was right on the beach and awsome veiw. Dont know if he smoked any pot.
  10. if he didn't smoke any pot while he was there slap him haha jk :) fun times.
  11. oooh, what about in here....

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  12. Lol yeh definetly, Turn it into The 'Green' House, heheh.
  13. thc crystals... where is that house?!?!

    im sure ive seen the exact one when i was out fishing before...
  14. haha the white house :)

  15. I forget. Somewhere nice.... i always look up Log homes and cabins and such b/c I really want one one day. So I really can throw stoner parties there.
  16. fuck dude...playboy mansion!

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  17. I'd shit my pants if Hef let me smoke there
  18. its not if he lets you smoke there... its who else is gonna smoke with ya (if ya know what i mean;))
  19. The woods mansion is to nice. I prefer a tent. I doesn't disturb nature and is just as good.

    There is another trip, I would like to take the Green house and just blaze it up. I bet they wouldn't even notice.

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