Imagine if they showed the Union at schools.

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  1. Instead of the false information they currently feed kids in school(I would know, they recently showed us this series: Foundation for a Drug Free World: Substance & Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Education & Intervention which only a fraction of it is correct and that is for the known unhealthy drugs )Imagine if they showed the truth at school? What do you think would come of it if more people actually understood?
    People are so easily led because the real information isn't easily available, if all your being told is that something is bad, you're going to think that that thing is bad for you.

    For anyone who hasn't seen it (though I think everyone has): The Union
  2. Because the government can't just go back on their word. They have insisted for many years the pot can kill you and to start telling the truth would undermine what credibility they have left.
  3. I say we overthrow that government.
  4. I guess they would also feel a bit shitty for the amount of people that were sent to jail or still are in jail. It's like...Heyyyy sorry bout that..We cool bro?
  5. Is that seriously the only movie out about weed?

  6. no ive seen more.
    i liked "in pot we trust"
    super high me was good but not really that educational.
  7. One of the few with correct information, yes.
  8. It seems everyone on this site is obsessed with it, thinking its gonna change the world...

    I may have to watch it sometime.

  9. it's ok...

    but i have to agree with this post. That movie get's thrown around here all the time.
  10. You are very true, though I guess that's a good thing.
  11. Maybe, maybe not. It seems some are replacing this movie with actual research.

    Its thrown around here like nothing. Got a problem? THE UNION! Parents pissed you smoke? THE UNION! Got a presentation at school? THE UNION!

    Doing a little work goes much, much farther than forcing someone to watch some movie, no matter how much 'truth' you think it has.
  12. Showing a movie that makes illegal drugs look good in anyway to kids in school would lead to the school being burned to the ground by angry parents--truth or not.

    There's nothing in The Union that is going to change the way people think. People don't seem to realize that when they try to force a weed movie on someone that it's no less annoying than when people try to jam their religion & political views down your throat.

    That's what makes it hilarious in all these threads where kids are telling other kids to make their parents watch it. One says it and the other listens, because they're both kids that don't have the life-experience to figure out that parents don't take parenting advice from little kids armed with weed movies. :laughing:

    The Union is a cool movie... for those that WANT to watch it.

    Wanting to find that information leads to watching The Union--not the other way around. ;)

  13. Why not elect a pothead? :smoke:
  14. We have. Many of them. even a cokehead
  15. [​IMG]
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  17. Anywhere online I can watch this movie? IMDB doesn't have it.
  18. ;)

  19. Nm, found it on Google video.

  20. I totally get what your saying. But you should watch it so you know what people are talking about.

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