Imagine ditching all your friends for this...

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    So you ditch your life, your friends, everything. You move to another city somewhere far away from home. You delete your facebook.
    Then for the next 5 years, you try and build your own social circle. You make lots of new friends , and then slowly get them all to meet eachother, you instigate everything at first, and then they start doing it. And before you know it, you have an entire list of new facebook friends who all know eachother and you. I'm talking hundreds
    And then if you wanted, you could start a pyramid scheme. lol joke.
    srs  :eek:
    pretty high  :smoking:

  2. Well, I don't have to think very hard to imagine what that first part you describe is like. Been there, done that. For anyone thinking about doing something similar, I assure you its liberating.

    I've clearly missed a prime opportunity to gouge these new people in my life for money though. Pyramid scheme: commence!
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  3. I don't get it but here, take my money!
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  4. This is one reason I don't smoke pot.
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    Then imagining going back to your old life, only strengthening the mystery of "Yo what the fuck happened to that guy?" 

    Then all of the sudden.. one of your new friends track down one of your old new friends, they find out what you were upto, and decide to have an insane street fight, like the 90s in that movie... with the greasers, so all of the sudden, you have hundreds of greased up 90s kids fighting for which you is the real you,

    The blood is on your hands.. 

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