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imagine darkness, then a cold hard cylindar,black projectile of depressionBOOM

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. wow...

    just fucking wow...

    my original intent was to come here and generally rant about my depression...i was gonna start off with some sort of verbal illustration as i usually do ya know, get you people into it, and then give you the twist, which would be me, feeling myself sinking back into the catacombs of depression...but now, for whatever reason...hell, it might be the double standards around here, i dont know, i just felt the need to fucking go off on im not going to, im going to save us all some heartache and simply point out two things that i am unhappy with...

    sig with POINTLESS BOOBS...i see no meaning whatsoever to the cartoon tits. no link or anything....but, when someone has a joke with nudity..OH MY GOD LETS MAKE THEM WALK THE FUCKING PLANK!!!

    also, i make a joke about 9/11, show a funny picture, not even a fucking real picture, just some god damned twinkies and plastic planes for fucks sake, im rode hard and hung out to dry...but..lets make 9/11 into a joke about dope and all is well.......i think i see the joke here.
  2. I didn't like the sig either. I also thought the twinkies were funny. But I'm cold and heartless.
  3. yeah.

    i was gonna post a longish rant in agreement with all that....

    but tehn deprshin kicked in and i coodnt be arsed.

  4. i notice that this has been read quite a bit...or at least looked at...but only two responses.....

  5. I might be to blame for that..I have been checking it a bit :p
  6. lol... blame me a bit too.... i'm responsable for just shy of ten of them views.
  7. well Norm, I've only looked at it once and replied once and I hope you don't get more depressed this weekend when you Hawgs get the shit beat out of them by Alabama. But if you do, I'll send you an Alabama ball cap that has our 12 national championship banners on it to make you feel better and you can enjoy being a memeber of the Crimson Tide.

    Let's just look at the two programs. Arkansas vs. Alabama

    Both start with the letter A, so you can keep most of your caps when you convert.

    Both schools' colors are red and white, when you convert you can keep your shirts and banners

    Your team mascot is a pig, mine is an elephant. Now you got to admit being an elephant is way better than being a pig.

    But to help you out, If Arkansas wins the game straight up, I'll jump on the Hawg bandwagon and be a fan as long as they don't tank the rest of the season out. But when (or I mean IF) Alabama wins, you become a Crimson Tider.

  8. well...

    lets see..

    i cant completely give up on my, how about, just for the rest of the season, for the rest of the season you have to root for the hogs if the backs win, but if the tide wins, i watch,root,and just generally go find some more food because i have the fucking munchies like a mother fucker...

    i had a spectacular weekend and achieved my objectives in a great manner.
  9. again, yes, it was a magnificent game, so, you gonna root for them hawgs the rest of the year?

  10. Blow a 21 point lead in the second half and miss a field goal to win it in overtime, I guess I got no choice but to root for the 'Backs until basketball season starts.

    Go HAwgs!!!, SOOOOOOEEEEEEEE!!!!

    PS, I hope you feel better now :D
  11. Muwhahaha what you dont like my tits...
  12. no one has said anyrthing
  13. it must have been that comment about your tits. :D
  14. hmmm, i figured those tits would get some attention sooner or later.... but they are against the rules....

    9/11 will always have thats effect on people, wither it should or not... just gotta deal with it
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I cant have it because of the rules....why?
  16. funny this thread should mention shootings...seems that some tide fan got a might pissed off when his son asked for a new car after the put a gun to his sons forehead and pulled the trigger..miraculously missed.

    and for what its worth, your quarter back is a tough son of a bitch, croyle played witha dislocated shoulder didnt he?

  17. He asked for the keys to the car, not a new car. The son ducked and got creased by the bullet. ROLL TIDE, baby!

    Tough SOB he is, going to play this weekend against Georgia with the same fucked up shoulder.

    And lacrossestar, I don't make it a habit to talk about other dude's tits. I don't swing that way.
  18. did i hear a volkswagen?
  19. i couldnt find the thread i was looking for to post this so i'll just post here.....

    :( wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :(

    what fun it is to slide down the spiral of depression. :mad: yay. :(

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