Imagine a world

Discussion in 'General' started by fm_skunk, May 8, 2008.

  1. where you can purchase various drugs online for cheap and have them delievered in 24 hours or less

    That would be the shit. Like a Drug where you can look up different strains and have customer reviews.

    Or like an ebay website where you could sell personal stashes and such

    I'm drunk and this is what I'm thinking about
  2. Couldn't that also be called legalization? Lmao
    If that were the case you could grow whatever damn strain you wanted, or better yet - all of them.
  3. or you could just walk into a gas station and order a pack of marlboro greens pre-rolled marijuana cigerettes.... that would be sick
  4. Though that would be sick, it does make me think of how "legalization" in America would be like. I believe when (Was tempted to use "if," but I predict it will change eventually) it is "legalized" it will have a heavy ass tax on it; however, I'm not doubtful that it will eventually be flat out legal.
  5. i'd be hopped on the addies, and chilled out with the xanies...yumm...:yummy::yummy:

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