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Discussion in 'General' started by Master Roller, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Imagine a city where everyone basically smokes weed, there's no such thing as money, we all work to keep the city clean, we all grow food, we all chill and conversate about life and other good topics and ideas. Where we all have fun and enjoy the simple things in life. Would you live there?

    This is just something i was thinking about.. feel free to comment around the subject, im just wondering what you guys think :smoke:
  2. Imagine all the people, livin for todayy :smoking:

    what if GC was a real community haha that'd be a trip.
  3. assuming this city has some magical force that keeps itself working so we can enjoy the simple things in life, then yes

    unfortunately us keeping it clean, i assume means we do all the work lol so it would be just like life now, only everyone in one city smokes weed

    oh wait, i live in boulder :smoke:
  4. Kind of sounds like a cult...Would they worship me?

    I would live there if they would worship me.:cool:

  5. Yeah thats what i mean by "clean". Like all of us working to keep it running with water and people will basically just work together to make the city. Well acutally you can call it a town lol.

  6. Do you jack it to videos of yourself jacking it ? :laughing:
  7. I stroke my ego plenty enough, no need to watch me durin' dirty deeds.:cool:

  8. I already live in this place lol

    hence i said i live in Boulder hahahaha

    like 90% of this town smokes bud, and 99% of the town is fine with it

    and excluding the homeless fucking bums, we work to keep the city here hahahaha
  9. I bet there would be some serious hacky sack tournaments and drum circles in this city you speak of.
  10. Thats heaven.

  11. RIGHT! haha!
  12. That city used to be called Goa and those people were hippies. Now they're called bums.
  13. Imagine a city that could never exist.

    Now imagine it not existing.....
  14. :( :( :( :cry:
  15. Let's do it right now meet me in the woods in Maine I'll be the guy in the woods with mad weed
  16. This has been tried many times over and it usually fails miserably. Not saying that it's impossible but I highly doubt that a utopian city as you describe it could last for very long without being ruined by any number of variables.
  17. Ill be the kid with the bb gun
  18. I was actually about to make a thread about a dream world I would love in and how it would be ran.. But along the same ideas as yours, and Hell Yeah I'd live there! This world is way too complicated, everything, money, cars, work, church, this and that.. lol it's all way too complicated. I always wonder how different and better for me it would've been to live in the 1700's.. My dad grew up as a farmer in holland and always told me, the simpler life is for him, the better..
  19. i forget where i saw it but there was some white guy living in africa with a should consider haha.

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