1. Can't upload images, it errors. Looks like it may be based on image file size, as a very small image worked, but pics straight from the phone without additional compression don't.
    I got good bud porn to show!
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  2. @RMJL im still having issuse. It seems to be have the days i go to post pictures it works.
  3. Same here for me. :(

    @Lizard King is aware.

    I'm sorry to everyone for the inconvenience. Hopefully, he can get the issue fixed soon.
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  4. Still a problem. Kinda defeats the purpose of a journal.
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  5. I found it you take the same picture twice one with h always load.... Sucks but it works.

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  6. @doinYoda

    Since it's helped others, can you share your tip for posting pics? Thanks!
  7. I worked around it by screenshotting the image and pasting in a post. That wasn't foolproof as some existing posts would not accept and some would.
  8. I've noticed if I take a picture and it won't upload if I crop it down just a tad, just trim the edges off the pic, it seems to work everytime.

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  9. If I upload from snapchat/screenshot file they load, camera file i get error
  10. I tried resizing to a smaller resolution, but that did not help. I suspect a configuration error as this should be a basic forum function.
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