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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by grass roots, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. My old ftp kinda shut me down for some policy breaches :p

    What sucks the most about is that I had all my pictures and files for a website im hosting linked to that ftp that they deleted without any notification. I had to reupload all my files to a diferent ftp (angelfire), and re type every address in the html code to the new one (which took me about two and a half hours of tedious boring work this thanksgiving morning). I even had my signature hosted on the domain they shut down. I can't remotly link URLS off of angelfire, so i signed up for a lycos acount and hosted just my signature. I'm not sure if it allows remote links. Does the image show up for you guys too?
  2. No, it doesn't show up. Try Lycos/Tripod....that's what I use.
  3. thats what im using :confused: guess not.. they all sound the same, like lycos tripod is diferent from tripod, and lycos, and angelfire, and OMG WHYS THIS SO CONFUSING?!?! i have to sign up for like 5 diferent acounts, haha...
  4. okay, now is it working? oh, and question, does that lycos thing have remote FTP access? I was looking on the site, but i couldnt find any information..
  5. sure, i got plenty of space. I'll pm you with my aim name, you got aim, right? I also have icq, but i uninstalled that awhile ago...
  6. okay, i got the ftp information in an email from lycos, this is a nice site actually... good bandwith, size, remote ftp, and free! thanks hempress!
  7. Here's a little trick for getting around remote image loading. Change the .jpg suffix to .txt, so in vB code it'll say:

    (replaging "{ }" with "[ ]", of course)

    I use it all the time with my Angelfire account and it's never failed me.
  8. ^
    that really works? awesome...

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