ima party like my birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. its my birthday today, first my homie woke me up around 10, smoked me out and bought me ihop, then my parents took me to lunch at friday's (got baby back ribs), then i got some clothes from my family and a gift certificate to a local golf course. i gotta go to work tonight, but afterwards my homies pickin me up and we are heading out to the strip club, we got 4 people goin an a bottle of hen, and a buncha weed. should be funnn

    when its your birthday at Diamonds, they bring you up on stage and have about 10 naked bitches covered in whip cream come dance on you an have you lick it all off them, so im lookin forward to that :cool::cool::cool:

    just got paid 450 today, so im fittin to MAKE IT RAINNNNNN on these hoess
  2. Happy Birthday!

    Have a great time!
  3. Damn, sounds like your gonna have a god time!!! Happy birthday, man!! :hello:
  4. hell yeah dude, my friends took me to a strip club for my 18th also. UF bitches are the hottest :)
  5. hahahhahah sounds great i wana come....:rolleyes:

    happy bday
  6. we just called, and i guess it cost 100 bucks to get the birthday treatment, but my 2 dudes said they would throw down 25 a peice so ill only have to drop 50 on it
  7. so you live in edmonton??? happy birthday, i live in edmonton too.
  8. i live around cinci, diamonds is in centerville, oh
  9. im off to work, ill probably get on the city around 3 in the morning drunk as fuck to update this thread ;)

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