I'm worried about taking acid

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  1. I really want to drop acid but I'm afraid I will go insane. I am a manic depressive with grand illusions. this is the same thing daniel johnston had and he was sane till he dropped acid and went completely insane, What do you guys think?
  2. if you are manic depressive I would say- don't do it and stay safe.

    lsd can be a really intense experience. Psychedelics can bring out mental disorders more strongly.

    they should only be used by people with exceptionally healthy minds IMO- i'm guessing you are fine smoking weed mentally?
  3. I think its not a good idea.
  4. yea I'm perfectly fine smoking weed.
  5. Worrying is a big cause of bad trips. And with your depression stuff i would say stay away.

    Acid cant be put into words but i can explain that you dont have full control of your feelings and whatever it is you do feel will be very intensified.

    Imagine having your mind feel like its so vast and mesmerizing that your mouth drops. Then imagine what happens to your mind if any bad stimulus occurs.

    Instead of a single controllable emotion that im used to i was open to all feelings that would drift through my head and given the right circumstances anything can set off a bad trip depending on your mindset and surroundings.

    But hey man you make take it and have a fucking amazing time, all i have to say is before you take it make yourself happy and make sure youve been having a good day etc.
  6. I would recomend against it. LSD isn't known to cause insanity on its own, but it is known to worsen mental problems. I'd say with your condition it is best to stay away.
  7. Any time you go into a psychedelic experience with second thoughts is just asking for a bad experience. My advice to anyone that is considering taking any sort of psychedelic is to be 110% POSITIVE you want to do it before actually doing it. Mentally prepare yourself, and give the substances the respect they deserve! :wave:
  8. Dont do it if your worried, you wont enjoy it.

    You gotta want to do it.

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