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I'm worried about smell.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sneezyjesus, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. So I started smoking over the summer, and bought a 20 bag for college to last me until I find a seller. I broke the seal to smoke a bit, and now its in a zip lock bag with almost no air.
    On top of that its in the back framework of my desk inside of a shot glass, so its reasonably secure.

    Here's the question: my roomate's a stiff and he's been saying he smells something. Now normally this wouldn't have bothered me cept that when I moved the stash from my bathroom hiding spot to my desk, he said it then smelled in the room.

    I'm not usually paranoid outside of smoking, but am I so used to the smell that I don't even notic it in my room? Is it even possible for that much smell to leak out?

    Help lol.
  2. Yeah man, if I have a 20 sack of mids their is smell problems with a trained nose. You might want to possibly move it to somewhere else bro.
  3. I would suggest using a air tight a mason jar...No way any smell is getting out of that
  4. Ya, i just put the whole thing in another zippy. I'll just have to see, as I don't have any better spot. Thanks guys.

    Anyone can still comment, I'm still looking for more thoughts.
  5. Well my first advice would be to move out or kick him out depending on your situation. But if you want to keep the smell in ditch zippys altogether and put your buds in a mason jar.
  6. Well he's the reason I have the room sadly :p

    I'm thinking about moving out if one of my buddies has a space, not sure at this point.

    I'd totally use a jar, but I don't have a hiding place big enough for one, and no lock box as of yet :confused:
  7. wrap it in some seran wrap, then some tin foil and then spray a little febreze on it. works on my piece and i GUARANTEE that smells worse than your 20 bag
  8. hope you can get a new person 2 room with..good luck
  9. dang, i don't think i could stand having a roommate that didn't know about/want me smoking. haha
  10. Get an airtight container just for your weed, it wil keep out smell, air, and keep it fresh.
    You can get a glass mason jar pretty much anywhere, or if you know where to get them(usually sell em at headshops) then get a Tightvac one, its basically an airtight plastic container made for storing food/herbs for long periods of time, works well.
  11. Put it in a old altoids tin, or inside a balled up pair of socks in your drawer. Too bad your roomate is so uptight about bud . . . .
  12. Something like this happened to me before, I was coming home from the movies or a party with my friend a few years back and i just got some sour diesel , I had it double zip lock bagged and i couldnt smell shit, either could my friend but as soon as i walk into my house my moms asks if i have weed on me because she can smell it, Thats why i always use a medicine bottle, there not 100% smell proof but there better then zip lock baggys :smoking:

    Toke happily
  13. there is this medicine stuff called airborne, I keep all my weed in there...can hold up to about an 8th and even the dankest smell cannot escape! 100% smell proof, you heard it here!
  14. airbornes sick! it gets rid of my colds
  15. Buy an ionic breeze and some other new shit and be like "My mom sent me this new stuff"

    Thats if you have money to do that
  16. Impossible, the only thing that can fight off a cold is your body. Airborne is just good at helping build your immune system for a couple of hours to protect you from getting sick.
  17. Thanks for the tips everyone, I really appreciate it.

    I'm thinking of getting a pipe with a stash anyway, so this problem might be moot eventually. For now I might switch to an old prescription bottle i have.

    Thanks again dudes!
  18. go to world market or hobby lobby and get you a small mason jar. one that could fit in your pocket
  19. They have ones that small, like prescription bottle small?
  20. Vitamin bottles work pretty well for me, less conspicuous and can't see through it :D

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