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im wondering how long a body high should last

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by error, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. im no hardcore smoker at all, i dont even smoke ciggs; but every once in a while i do blaze. what i dont get is most people seem to have a high for 1.5-3 hours. i think i have the lowest tolerance known to mankind. i just smoked around 2/3 of an average sized bowl and got shitfaced smacked for about 7 hours and i have kept a body high buzz for 16 fucking hours... this shouldnt be possible but it happens every time i smoke. i love the mind high but the body high is slightly anoying for me =( i smoked ok quality headies btw
  2. just embrace it, your a gifted one
  3. This happened to me the very first time I got properly stoned, one bowl and I was couchlocked for hours, and when I finally was able to get up time started warping (One second I was on the couch the next I was taking a piss, then I was back on the couch)

    Whatever it is, enjoy it! I'd give anything to stay high for more than three or four hours...
  4. that happens to me when i've not smoked for a while then take a huge hit off a joint or blunt. I might end up throwing up but i keep an amazing body high. just enjoy it and if you smoke more it will kind of go away. hitting a bong helps a little too.
  5. Dear god man, lend me your gift.
  6. I'm not sure If i've ever really experienced a true full body high, maybe just partly. What I've felt was like my skin was in jello and when I moved i felt rippling or waves, and Ive also had tingling, but never have had the feeling of "couchlock" or not being able to move much. Anyways, I would hate that. Not sure I even know what the body high is like though.
  7. It isn't really like you physically cannot move, it's that you have absoloutely no motivation or reason to move whatsoever - you have two choices..

    1. Sit back, feel the most relaxed you've felt in your entire life and let the waves of euphoria wash over you as you sit in a state of absoloute balance and calamity.

    2. Drag your lethargic body up from the couch into a world of dizzying and rather unpleasant exercise - most of your energy is used up by the time you're in the standing position.

    So really, if you wanted to you *could* get up, but as you can see who the hell would want to?
  8. This might not count but one time I couldn't feel my legs. :smoking:
  9. you are so lucky. im lucky if my high lasts more than 2 hours.
  10. thanks guys for responses and whatnot. im just happy to know that there isnt anything wrong with me :D. i prolly need to get more used to body high but i really do love the mind high and FEWD!!!:hello:

  11. comments like this is y i love this site
  12. :hello: I hear that one loud and clear lol
  13. my body is still tingly from that last lol this cant be normal
  14. Well, my friend and I got baked at 12:00AM and I fell asleep at 5:00AM. It was also my second time blazing. I dunno. I could barely stand, and I even fell asleep standing backwards. Did I get a ful body high though? Yes. Works for some, some it doesn't.
  15. Haha man same here. I vaporized a bowl around 11 pm one night. I was high until about 2-3 am and then fell asleep. I woke up around 8 and was high off my rocker still until about 2pm. Jesus christ, sometimes this can be a blessing and a curse.
  16. Embrace it. I have the same deal, nearly everytime I blaze, no matter the quality of the weed, I am completely zoned for at least 5-6 hours. I have little-no tolerance.
  17. Man today has been a day of nothing but a continual body high. Im still flying from my 8 o clock bowl. Ive burned 4 bowls today and it feels great. I enjoy it from time to time and a normal head high is great also.
  18. #18 error, Jun 6, 2009
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    dude i smoked up on weds and its Saturday now, i was shitfaced for 7 hours then i was mind sober but still body high for like 10 hours and then it has been like a really small body high and i can STILL fuckin feel it...its not bad but i think something is wrong with me, mabye its because i havent smoked up in like a year cuz of probation
  19. there is no way a high should last 4 days... not even for some of the hard drugs out there. do you take any perscribed medication? you might want to get that checked out.

    either that or there is some flaw in your story.
  20. i wasn't still HIGH, BUT i could still feel tinglyness in my body.... for a good 2 days i had a body high buzz i guess i could call it then for another 2 days my body was still a little tingly

    i have a theory.

    THC is stored in fat cells, right? im not skinny by any means... i have some fat on me...178 pounds @ 6'1". im thinkin that when i smoked, the thc was stored in my fat cells, and as i burned some fat....weed increases metobolism ne way; i could still feel some residual effects of the weed :D

    this is just a theory though, and since my tolerance is THAT low, mabye i actually got some effect off of my fat burning with THC in it?

    you guys prolly think im lying for attention because "theres no way somone can still feel it a few days after they smoke" but im not, and im not claiming to be HIGH days afterwords, merely to still feel effects from the drug

    no im not on any medication at all

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