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Discussion in 'General' started by Corrisma, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. You know how good it feels to say that? Not even a little. I'm ugly, and I'm awkward. Also I'm weird as shit. And you know what? Who gives a flying shit? I'm cool as fuck. You guys feel me?

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  2. Dude, you're sexy.
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    As long as you're happy. I feel like calling yourself ugly isn't healthy but I'm not a psychologist so I don't know.

    You sound cool though. Confidence is key.
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  4. who cares how you look. confidence. smoke something clear your mind and be free. live life high. make euphoria you
    peace and love brother/sister whatever you are
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  5. Drunk so why-the-fuck-not. My earlobes have been stretched past 1 inch. I have a tattoo I can not hide because it is on my hand. I have stretch marks. On my armpit area due to not stretching before working out. On my thighs probably due to going between 150 lbs to 202 in less than a year because I have shitty sensitive skin and at the time was broke and ate nothing but tbell  $1 menu. I suffer from schizophrenia,suicidalism, depression, bipolar disorder etc etc.Got many scars from self-mutilation. Fuck it. Am I ashamed(not anymore).  
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  6. im sexy as fuck, i dont really care what anyone says. IDGAF because i like myself and have wallowed in self pity in the past and it does nothing but fuck up your self esteem and confidence, love yourself even if no one else does.
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  7. I definitely thought I was ugly for a long time. 
  8. It's ok man im a 20 year old virgin who is drunk right now and has a small group of friends who I hang out with twice a month. I am as lonely as possible, I work in a factory with like 200 dudes. I probably won't meet anyone since I won't go to school soon and I'm going bald. Im not ugly, but self confidence is deteriorating. I have no plans for my future and I'm socially awkward. I'm like the people that say fml butI'm actually serious. Idk even know what I'm doing anymore.
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    You're so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece.
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  10. its okay to be awkward. sometimes i tuck my balls into my bootyhole for safe keeping. im a little awkward too.

    and as far as ugly goes, they have plastic surgery for that. you're going to be fine.
  11. Looks aren't as important  as society makes them out to be. Study, find what you excel at, make money, fuck bitches.
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  12. Pursue stand up comedy and see how you feel after a couple sets of humiliating yourself, if you can make a woman laugh your fucking in, no matter what you look like.
    You could base your entire act on the fact that your such an ugly fuck its just too much, then explain to them how you logged onto an internet forum, found out that confidence is the key and then just yell out "ANYBODY WANNA FUCK!!!" 
    Do something interesting with yourself, good luck sir. 
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    Being ugly is a mindstate, I strongly believe that. When someone has so much confidence and has that charismatic personality, their looks or lack of looks simply does not matter. Everyone who matters looks past that and loves them for them, not what they look like.
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  14. You're not ugly, you just had an onion and ketchup sundae
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  15. I wouldn't go that far.. 
    It's a physical characteristic not mental. But, beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder...err.. i mean beholder.
  16. Why don't I know what you look like yet?
  17. Good question. I had my pic on my profile for awhile but with the new site I can only have an avi :( Maybe I will change my avi for a minute ;)
  18. I bet you would tear this ass up.
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