I'm trying to lose weight- Will eating take-out food sink me?

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  1. Ok after being in shape all my life, but as a result of pure laziness and getting into really unhealthy eating habits, I got to be a fat fuck about a year ago, almost like Carl in my avatar pic. I'm working out at the gym, 3-4 times a week. I've dropped 30 pounds since last fall, and I've developed ripped abs, but you can't see them under my beer gut. I want that fucking thing gone asap, and have to a six pack again. I'm 6'3" about 233 pounds right now.

    I'd say I eat very healthy 80% of the time during the week (oatmeal, tuna, lean meat, brown rice with almost every cooked meal). However, I eat shit like Chipotle, Chinese food, a slice of pizza here and there, or food from the diner a few times a week. I usually order something with chicken, and never get anything fried.

    Is this gonna kill my gains at the gym and healthy eating, or will I continue to lose weight?
  2. It can potentially leave you with a sticking point where you can't lose more fat until you change the habits. You might want to give yourself one day each week where you allow yourself to eat all the McChipotle Bell King you want, and eat perfectly the other 6 days. That works for some people. Personally, I find that if I'm really really consistent with diet and exercise for a few weeks it just becomes second nature and then there's no impulses to control.
  3. short answer: yes you will continue to loose weight.

    tip: cut the crap and be a diet junkie if you're impatient about the fat loss. it will come faster that way, but it's not necessary.

    long answer:
    well are you gaining muscle too?

    if so, it's fine to eat how you are. muscle gain needs more calories to maintain the muscle (esp. protein). lifting burns calories, too. some bodybuilders do 'dirty' bulks where they eat a shit ton of foods, healthy and unhealthy, greasy and everything else. double their calorie intake for example.

    your metabolism speed is what's effecting this a lot. keep at the gym, keep metabloism high, and you'll burn fat at your computer chair.

    what it comes down to is in order to loose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. don't stress your intake, just estimate it with knowledge.

    don't under eat or over eat, or eat before bed. don't skip meals like breakfast. use a calculator if you need to. BMR Calculator

    there's better calculators but i'm drunk so.. not looking.

    you can't 'spot fat loss'. it's an all around thing. same as you can't spot fat gain, it stores where your body wants it to. so ab workouts are great, but won't burn the belly fat (it'll burn calories and gain ab muscle).

    abs can be worked daily. other muscle groups can't. let muscles heal before working again (~3 days). muscle tears when worked hard, then repairs bigger than it was before.

    you need cardio to loose the fat. do cardio after weight training, so you aren't tired when lifting. elliptical burns most calories, and isn't hard on joints. other machines are still good. abs won't show until the fat percentage is low enough.

    work one muscle group per day. back, or chest, or legs, or shoulders, etc. you're always using other muscles as secondary anyway (ex when you work back you work your biceps, but not directly).

    shock the body. don't follow routine. you're used to waking up at 8am, then you wake up before the alarm rings. your body remembers. so when you go in monday, don't do chest if your body knows you're going to do chest. do legs instead. then do chest on wed or something. plan as you go (easy if you understand the concept).
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    You'll lose weight, just make sure you run alot. Whether it's running up and down the street, or up and down the basketball court, or the treadmill.

    Working out will make you feel better and feel better about yourself. I eat alot of junk food and Im still getting in shape. It takes longer but it sucks eating healthy all the time. If you need it ASAP, cut the shit and get on the strict diet. As long as you run often, the weight will be dropping off, especially if you work all day (physically) or even sit at a computer (at work). Just try to not stay home and just eat and smoke.

    Edit: and on your abs note.

    While cruising GC listening to music, every so often bust out a set of 25 situps. Try to keep it going all day. Every half hour or so whenever you can remember, just bust out a set of 25. You'll be doing 150 a day without even noticing. (Try 100 if you haven't been doing them lately, sore abs suck).

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