Im Totally Against My Fellow Blades Poppin Pill's To Get High,!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by chicken, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. i see so many posts and threads,,about blades sniffing oxycotton,,doing massive ammounts of pills,,,,,,and heroin,,,,

    and some admitting that they have a massive addiction to these substances,,,

    shake-my-trees,,,, was a awesome female blade,,,, who we lost due to pills,,,

    i aint telling you what to do,,,but if i was some of you blades's older brother,,,, knowing what you do with these pills,, i'd kick your ass,,,

    stick to the ganja,,,, or gamble out of the card deck of death,,,,:cool:
  2. Wise words.
  3. Absolutely. Phuck Pharma!
  4. Yeah man i totally agree, i had to check on a friend who took to much amphetamine last night, to make sure he wasnt in any real harm. it sucked, but he was okay a couple of hours later.
  5. If they were smart they would save them. They're good to have someday when you REALLY hurt.
  6. yeah..that shits nothing to fuck with. my good buddys older brother died when we were juniors in highschool b/c he got so fucked up on bars an OC. i've tried my share of em, but its def. not worth pissing money away on, just drink a few more beers.
  7. exacxtly,,,, i had some pain pills for that reason,,,in my medicine cab.

    and this dude iknow,,,,i guess went thru my cab.

    but he took all them pills,,,, when i found out they were gone, and he took them to get high on,<---!!!!!!!

    i kicked him out of my life for about 6 months,,,,, i later found out he took it real hard,,,that i got so pissed at him,,,,

    he's dead now,,,,wrecked a car,, and killed hisself, while high,,,, but on what?,,,,,,,,,he burned alive,,,,, the people could hear him screamin but couldnt help him,,,, he was ingulfed in flames,,,,:(
  8. i blame it on the rap music... naw im j/k.

    idk, but i agree. people do some dumb shit, then dumber shit because of the dumb shit.
  9. fixed
  10. Yeah, I'm totally against blades popping pills and posting non-marijuana related drug threads in the wrong forum.
  11. I completely agree with you, chicken. I think it's sad that just because this is a marijuana forum, people think it's cool to brag about all the prescription pills they're abusing.

    Nothing good comes from doing pills all the time. Keep it up long enough, and you most certainly will become addicted and die. In my opinion, opiates like hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, and morphine are the most dangerous drugs money can buy.
  12. Im not really against people poppin pills, but 99% of the time in 98% of people it leads to pill poppin abuse which is very very bad. I've been there and got carried away with it, luckly I didnt hurt myself too bad or anyone else. I learned a big lesson though, I guess thats just the way it has to be for some people. Either they learn their lesson or they die. I still pop pills but I learned how to be responsible with it.
  13. can't hate the thizzle though!!!
  14. I do like my pills sometimes...... but only in moderation.....

    Too much will get you fucked... and not in the good way.....

    RIP to those who have fallen.....
  15. i pop pills and do coke from time to time, i perfer weed over pills, i do the shit in moderation, but weed i do all the time :smoking:

    i like different highs, but i love the weed more
  16. i love pills. I have been taking a variety of pills in all different ways for consistently (at LEAST once a week) 2 years. i've also been using opium for 1 year consistently and dope for 7 months. The fact is, i may be an exception to the rule, but none of those things have ever caused me any adversity. im currently going to school for pharmacology, so you can see how deep my interest runs in this. I am a responsible recreational drug user.
  17. lol right when he said that, i was thinking of lil wyte.
  18. All things in moderation...
    All things in moderation...
    All things in moderation...

    Learn it. Live it. Love it.

  19. This makes me want a Xanny, but hey, I digress...
  20. ive never done extasy,,,,,

    and my one experience with zanax,,, wasnt good,,,,,

    i took it at 5 am,,, went out hunting,,, got 30 feet in a tree,, in my hunting stand,,, and then that pill kicked in,,,,,,

    the wind was swaying the pine-tree i was in,,,,,,,:cool:

    and i was freakin the fuck out,,,,,,

    shootin a deer was the last thing on my mind,,,,,,,

    but i dont do pills, not even a aspirin,,,,, so when i take one it does what it's suppose to plus<-----------:cool:

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