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Im Too Dependent On Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dusty Yo, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. So im 18 and am going off to college in Fall. I have been smoking marijuana for about 2 years now and I feel like I use it as a crutch. Im pretty sure I have depression and when I am sober everything feels miserable. But when I smoke weed, I am the happiest person in the world. Unfortunatly I can't afford it anymore until I get a job but until then... is there any way to deprive this dependency on marijuana to make my daily life better?

  2. I've struggled with this same dilemma since high school too man and lemme tell yah, whatever YOU think about this situation, is what  the reality is.
    In other words, people will tell you it's in your head and it is, but that doesn't make it not real. It does, however, mean that you have more control over it than you think you do. I'll give you some thought's that has helped me through multiple situations and thought process's that you are going through right now.
    1. It's not depression, it's boredom. You're fooling yourself. Don't think of it that way though. Think of it as just a period in your life when you have to buckle down. if there weren't these times in our lives, they wouldn't be worth living, not just your but anyones.
    2. You WILL get to smoke weed again some day. Shit it's probably going to be soon too. It seems like this is this first time you have really had to face quitting, it will happen again and it will suck just as much. You need to re-realize the power of weed. A little really should go a long way and when we are able to control our tolerance in this way, this plant will mean a whole lot more to you.
    I hope this helps man. You're in college, weed is all around. Once you are not dependent on it, you will find it everywhere.
    as for the actual withdrawals you are feeling, the emotional distress usually subsides around a month clean. You get dreams back... watch out for those crazy ones though. You will have dreams where you get high and you wake up and feel guilty.
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  3. also good health makes a world of difference. it's hard I know, but get healthy. work out. replace it with nutrition and exercise.
  4. Deal with life on life's terms. 
    It's part of growing up. 
    Kind of like drinking.
    You drink like a MOFO when you're 21-25 and after that you slow the fuck down and realize you can't get smashed every night of the week and still expect to have the life you want in the long run.
  5. Thanks man, all of your points nailed sub-problems I was contemplating. Boredom is very common and it makes me wish I had some bud to smoke. But thanks again for the reply it really helped me figure out what has been wrong lately
  6. glad I could help.
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  8. If life is bad when you're sober that means something is bothering you. Smoking it away is only a band aid. If you want to be happy sober you need to address the issues that make life suck. Find out what about weed makes you so happy and try to apply that to your sober life. I know the feeling of weed helping with everything but i learned no matter how much you smoke it isn't going to fix  things. That takes some deep introspection and some harsh honesty with yourself. Pain n gain.
  9. That wiseful shit OP needs to intake, it would be good on his behalf. 
  10. I'm in the same position with going to college.  My college is making me live on campus the first year, so I definitely wont be able to smoke as much as I do now.  Keeping weed in my dorm is absolutely not an option so I still haven't figured out how I'm gunna smoke.  Anyway, going off to college could be good for you.  You pretty much get to start a new life. 
    You can keep weed in your dorm room. Find a good container for it. I kept weed in my dorm all the time.
  12. ^ I had to deal with that for two years. It's better if you have a friend with an apartment near campus. Sneaking around dorms and campus to smoke gets tiring really quick. Plus the room inspections mean you cant mess with fire alarms.
  13. Quit being a fucking pot head and wake up to reality you fool. If you let weed take advantage of you like that don't smoke it???
    Nah I'm too scared to keep weed in my dorm.  I'd rather be safe than very sorry.
  15. This should be the thread on why kids should not smoke till they are 21. Prime example.

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