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I'm toking up a n00b today :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeeDomain, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So on Monday I asked my friend if he was interested in trying pot for the first time, and he said (with a somewhat-evil'ish grin on his face) "You know... i've always been curious..." He's been mainly for weed for a while now (because he's a pharmacology major, but he's never tried it.

    Then my face went from

    This: :|

    To this: :D

    It's been two years since my first ever toke, and now I finally get to teach young grasshopper. Best of all, I picked up some Blue Dream last night ^.^

    I'm hoping to toke in just a few hours.
  2. Make sure he doesn't have to be anywhere for six hours

  3. I told him exactly that, except I said 4 hours. I was only going to have him toke a few times.
  4. Let him clear the whole bowl, it'll be great!

    Plus he'll be like wtf this weed actually tastes like blue!
  5. OK cool the first time I smoked I had no idea how long it lasted and I smoked like 4 bowls but it was kinda crap weed and I didn't even get high and then the next time I smoked 1 bowl of dank and I was high all night and I was like oh shit good thing I didn't get high last time
  6. His first time? Damn. All he'll need is a few good tokes of that blue dream lol and he should be BLASTED.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. You should definitely video the whole thing, hell be glad you did
  9. I'd get the best quality weed you can, and use a pipe to smoke him out, bubbler if possible.

    I think a bubbler/chillum would be best, because he doesn't have to rip a monster hit like on the bong, but can still get the water filtration action.:smoke:

    Or you may wanna just let him go for broke and take the biggest bong rip he can muster:D
  10. Sounds fun man. First off, dont let him rip a bong lol... Its completely unnecessary and if he has never smoked it will hurt a shit ton. Bowls and joints are great for first timers. Im not saying he shouldnt smoke a bong, but dont milk it if you are lighting lol. Happy toking :D

  11. Definitely milk it up for him and then pull the bowl out unexpectedly, have a bucket ready in case he pukes
  12. yeah one of my friends i used to know (he died sadly) he took pride think he had something like 15 people he convinced to try pot for the first time just by telling them what it really does and its benefits.
  13. That Blue Dream Will Have Him On A Good Level , Good Strain For His First Time :smoke:
  14. I fucking LOVE smoking with newbies. How cool, man! Don't get him too high now :D
  15. Smoking with n00bs.. hahaha always fun
  16. What does this have to do with anything? Sorry for your loss, though.

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