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im tired..

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by I Hold Fire, May 27, 2009.

  1. of smoking out of waterbottles, and cans.

    i keep saying im going to invest in a bubbler/bong/vape but i only got 74 bucks left and need 50 for a sheet of paper ;)

    so does anyone got a good site or meathod on how to make a decent/lastable bubbler/bong?

    i had one i bought at a fair awhile ago but i forget how it was made
  2. you can buy a glass peice for like 10 bucks at any headshop. does the trick. i spent 12 bucks on my first peice and i still have it. works like a charm and its a sweet green spoon.

    only problem would be if you were under 18. :eek:
  3. but that sheet and have 24 left then sell some doses man, im sure you can pick up a bowl for under 24 in like china town or something :p
  4. go to, and search glass pipe. there all homemade and sell decently cheap. I just got my hammerpipe the other day, its legit.

  5. true true, but sidneys rare in my town..

    i have a glass one hitter i got for a cig... but i only use it as a finisher for my roaches.

    (ive been smokin lots of blunts latley haha)
  6. why are you telling us this o_0

  7. are you autistic? i might havefew posts, but i know a troll when i see one, GTFO or read the damn question...

  8. decent site, but id reather go to a psych shop.
  9. haha i bought an awesome bong (glass, glass) for $16

    than again i live by the Haight

  10. i had a dope spoon for awhile, but i was at the mall handed it off to my friend and it dropped on the drop off. we were trying to be sneaky and he thought he had it in his hand lol.

  11. awwwwww no good

    i have a nice spoon, but it's half broken, but not enough for it to not function

    like, it work fine, but the mouthpiece broke off when i dropped it

    does make it more portable, though :)

  12. lol, portability is a deff good quality broken or not :]

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