I'm the only person living in my dormatory right now

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Apparently I showed up a day early so I'm alone in my dorm blaring music. I have to shit real bad, so I went into the bathroom... I was about to sit down when I looked up and saw a laminated sign that said 'please make sure to dispose of all feminine napkins properly'.

    Needless to say I made a beeline for the door in confusion and I really have to crap now.

    I wonder if I'm the only guy on this floor or something :hello:
  2. jhahaha amazing story
  3. First day in my dorm last year someone left a post-it on the toilet lid that said "If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and get the fuck out."
  4. hhahah yeah we had some people put up stupid signs about that shit with not pissing on the seat.

    I could give two shits about that but dont fuckin throw up in the bathroom and not clean it up.
  5. dood, you'll give a shit about it when you have to shit so bad your sitting there prarrie dogging it while wiping off the toliet seat. My 2 cents. lol

  6. smoke out the hallway or something:smoking:
  7. True story... I already used the bathroom for that reason...
    There are some weird signs up in the bathroom. In each stall it has a big poster saying weird shit about all sorts of things.

    Good times... Good times...

  8. Last semester, I visted a buddy who still lived on campus, I went to the bathroom to piss, and a laminated picture of Bush was on every single urinal, just waiting for you to give our foul commander-in-chief a golden shower..I laughed my ass off, and Andre told me they had been up for 3 weeks...lol
  9. i bet that batroom was ''clean'',,,, for some reason,, the girls pisser is allways cleaner than the guy's....

    if im in a store and the guy's r-room is occupied,,, dont think i want hesitate to go in the ladies room,,,,

    it's allways so fresh smelling and clean in there,,,,:D
  10. When I lived in a dorm, one Saturday morning I woke up and found not only puke in the sink, but shit on the toilet seat.

    I made a big sign warning whoever did it that If I found out who it was I was going to cut their limbs off, put them in boxes, and mail them back to them.

    It didn't happen again.
  11. just hope you never walk in to this scene ;;
  12. LMAO wow thats some good shit, I always wanted to try that.
  13. gotta agree with ya on that chicken. the ladies room is always nicer.

    at my office, the men's smells like old man's shit 24/7 and the women's smells like it was just cleaned.

    i'm smoking bongs in the dorms no problem, i can't believe i actually thought this was going to be a problem.
  14. nice emag, yea as long as u plug the door and and use a spoofer out the window, its fine. oh and what school are u at?

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