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I'm the luckiest person alive.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IHeartKFC, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. So the other day i was skating over to friends house after i had just finished hotboxing so as you know i reeked of bud, no eyedrops, no gum. I Had my back pack with me which was holding my pipes,bud,etc and i decide to skate on the road, all of a sudden a cop turns his lights on and my first instinct is to drop my bag. the cop pulls over and ask me why i'm skating in the street and why he shouldn't give me a ticket, it's at this moment i realize he is a K-9 Officer and he had a dog in the back of his car that was Barking at me! My heart skipped a beat and i thought i was done, after giving him a bullshit excuse saying i was in a real big hurry, he told me he'd just give me warning.(I guess he didn't hear the dog.)
    That was the closest i ever been to getting caught. :smoke:
  2. The dog was not signaling that you had drugs. They only do that on command. But yes, you got lucky.
  3. Why do you carry your bong out with you? Risky business broski
  4. The K-9's bark at everybody when they're on duty.

    I always get shit for skating in the roads too, always pisses me off.
  5. Right, because i want to be dodging people on skateboards as i drive down the road.....

  6. They have bike lanes in my city, and skateboarders get ticketed for skating there even though the sidewalks are torn to shit.

    I never skate in front of cars bud.
  7. Wow we dont normally get pulled over for harmlessly skating on the roads around here... thats lame man
  8. That's not even luck....... that's how it should go. If you got in trouble that's called shitty luck......... This has happened to me hundreds of times....... but I've also been busted 4-5 times...... so just remember you do get caught every once in a while if you have shit on you 24/7.

    Plus you were on a skateboard and stuff... I normally only see kids doing that so he probably just thought you were an innocent kid.

    By the way I used to work at KFC....... it sucks.
  9. Yeah that could have been a lot worse, like already said the dogs just bark at people the cops talk to. I don't think they even really bark when they are sniffing for drugs.

    Try to be a little smarter man. If he decided to give you a ticket you could have still gotten off but if you smelled really bad thats sketch.

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