I'm taking a long term t break

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoneycaverns, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. It's been great since prohibition started going away in 2012. The new and exciting ways to enjoy cannabis have provided many great times. Problem is its no longer exciting but simply a part of my everyday life. That seems a little to close to an addiction in my opinion.

    A recent health scare and a few days in the hospital have convinced me to give it up for a while.

    It's been 13 days since I last consumed. In the last week or so, I find my mind sharper and my motivation coming back to where it was prior to 2012.

    My day job is financial sales and the desire to prospect and find people to serve has come back 10 fold.

    I guess the message I have is take a look at where you are and ask if daily cannabis use is holding you back. If so, be willing to set it aside. Unfortunately for me, there is no "cut back" strategy that will work with my personality.
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  2. Bump, not even one reply?

    Currently trying to do a 28 day t break myself as like yourself its become to much of a routine.
    Sorry to hear that you cant cut back and find a medium.....maybe in the future.
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  3. Career trumps getting high.

    Getting high is nice, but securing a future is WAAAAAAY better.

    Once you have financial security, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

    Wish people would understand this better.
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  4. Thanks for the support. It helps.
    I almost backsliding tonight, but said no to myself.
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  5. No dont you have already made it this far.
  6. Glad to see you getting your life in track, but to blame Cannabis for your lack of motivation, focus, and success is hardly fair. There's plenty of ways to mix up consuming Cannabis, as well as different strains with, different affects. If everyday use is too much for you that's cool.

    You kind of come off as reefermadness, especially with the addiction/relapse comments. It can be insulting to some very day consumers. Not everyone has access to a dispensary/Collective/Legality and or different way to use the plant. Which usually leads to the same strain being smoked, the same way however you're using it.I can see how that can get repetitive.

    But if you're saying all of these symptoms are solely from Cannabis as a whole. I'd look elsewhere for the blame. Seems people always try to use weed as the bad guy when things are not going right, and and when they stop, and gain that "spark" back, it's all of the sudden bad old addictive weed that's caused all of this. Instead of your own mindset and choices. I always say Cannabis is not for everyone, sounds like your one of those people.
  7. Not a blanket statement, everyone is different. It works daily for lots of folks.

    I've also cut out excessive coffee.....

    Will probably come back to it in the future, like times like vacationing in cannabis friendly states.
  8. Yeah puts some perspective into things, huh? Life is about balance, and you gotta balance out the weed consumption too man.
  9. fuck this smoke big weed blunts every hour. you need to WEED!
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  10. Quick update, i've figured out how to balance my love of cannabis with the need to take care of those who rely on me.

    Basically, I a weekend toker and work days are not.

    I've had my best months ever in my mortgage career and it keeps getting better.
    I no longer blow off the late afternoon, I stead working past 420 calling past clients and realtor. Just one more call is my mantra.

    I've got the energy for other avenues of business I am making some great enroads in and expect 2018 to be another banner year.
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