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I'm taking a 2 week T-break.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by vap3dg00ds, May 1, 2013.

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    I've been vaping weed on and off at night times for about 2 yrs now. For the past 2 semesters(8-9 months) I've been using it every night with no break and have noticed the past couple of weeks that I've been feeling anxious/paranoid, I would think way too much about everything, my head felt heavy, tired almost all the time,lack of dreams,felt unmotivated and overall my thinking seemed to be hazy/cloudy like. So last week I decided to take a break and its now been 1 week since I toked even though I have 1.5 grams of some dank bud by my bed. I don't really feel the need to toke up and only withdrawals I'm experiencing now are restlessness and vividly wicked nightmares. During this time almost all the symptoms I wrote up there are slowly starting to go away and reality is slowly starting to shift in. *Do note that I was working and going to school which was very stressful but now I'm on vacation and relaxing at home.

    Could it be that weed was affecting me negatively during that time?

    Is 2 weeks a long enough T-break for someone who's been using it every night for 8-9 months or should I go longer? Id appreciate any advice,thnx
  2. It almost definitely is the weed. I took a 2.5 month tolerance break in the fall, and I seriously forgot how sick dreams can be. Kept waking up shouting stuff whenever I had nightmares.

    If you smoke routinely for any period of time, your body will become anxious when it isn't receiving what it became so accustomed to consuming. So you become anxious in anticipation. Your body eventually relaxes the longer the tolerance break goes on. That's why you hear a lot of people on this forum saying they become really short-tempered if they can't smoke weed - it's caused by anxiety.

    2 weeks is a good start, though nobody can really answer that question for you. Just do what feels right.
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    I think 2 weeks is a decent t-break, especially if you only smoke at night. Why don't you try 2 weeks and if you're not pleased with the results take a month off next time and see how that works out?
  4. No doubt you've used weed as a way to not have to think about your daily stressors at least a little over the past two years, so your subconcious might just be forcing you to address all lthese things that you've been ignoring for all this time, whether you meant to or not. Z
  5. I've smoked all day everyday for years and bout 3 weeks ago went on vacation to Florida with my girl for a week where I did not smoke. Deffly cleared my head but was horrible trying to sleep. Had to take zzz quil every night lol.

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