I'm surprised I didn't get rolled

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Raiden420, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I drove down to the beach to pick up 5g's from my good friend. We decided to roll a blunt near this parking lot behind these houses, there were 2 other cars there also with people blazing. Then I look down in the distance and I see three head lights, 2 head lights and a spotlight, I knew what it was.. fuck. My friend stuck the blunt in my tail gate and we got in the truck.

    The cops were stopping the first car and checking them out so I thought I would try to sneak out, but it turns out theirs only one way in and one way out of this parking lot and the cop was blocking the exit.

    I thought I was screwed, I just finished a dank blunt, didn't have any eye drops or spray. I crotched my weed, and just waited for the cop to come to me. I saw the cops taking the people out of the car, and the car looked pretty foggy, so they pretty much but busted.

    Two more patrol cars come down, and one of the cops eventually reaches my truck. He asks us what we're doing down here and I replied we were just enjoying the view. I told him I wasn't from around here. So he gave me the sobriety test where you have to follow their pen with your eyes only, and hes moving it back and forth up and down, and I'm trippin balls, my heart is racing so fast haha. Then he says alright you can go between those two cop cars, i was so relieved, I drove real slow between their cars and got the fuck out of their.

    I think I'm pretty lucky :smoking:
  2. I just might have shit myself. lol wow
  3. Take i as a lesson dude, getting caught is the worst. Props for getting out of it though.

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