I'm surprised: Fast Food Idea American Hasn't Done Yet

Discussion in 'General' started by IamODESE, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Back in my homeland, Philippines, our fast food DELIVERS.

    Why don't we have that in America yet?!

    It's more money for the companies. More laziness for people.

    Everyone wins. Even the fat kids.
  2. I think that every time I'm drunk and hungry with only 10 bucks.
  3. Wow just what american needs....more fat and lazy people.

  4. The money. Too many people would be callin up tryin to get $4 worth of chicken nuggets delivered lol

    It would be nice though..:smoke:
  5. Quizno's, Taco Bell, KFC, and Subway deliver. (I've ordered out several times). They have fast delivery too. :)
  6. Anytime I'm drunk and high thats what I think about... Who delivers? But its always some pizza place that closed an hour ago. WTF?!
  7. Why don't they do this in my area?!!?!?!?!?
  8. F*ck that I don't wanna pay delivery fees or tip unless I'm really far away

  9. If this is true I have a lot of calls to make. PLEASE be true.
  10. where do you live?!
  11. That would be crazy if chick fila delivered

  12. thats crazy how do they have a minimum order because to deliver me one of those 99 cent burritos wouldnt make any money
  13. Whenever i am up until 3:30am, i always wish that Micky D's did breakfast delivery.... godforbid if i drive a mile down the road to mcdonalds with a couple drinks in me. (which IS irresponsible)
  14. There are a ton of fast food places in DC that deliver...
  15. WTF, in oregon the only delivery i can get is pizza... and maybe chinese...
  16. Some Mickey Dees in New York deliver.
  17. I barely trust the workers there to handle my food for 30 seconds, let alone have it in a private place (such as their car) for 10-15 minutes. Do you know how much spit one human can create in 10-15 minutes?

  18. I don't think that's everywhere...

    I love taco bell so I googled it...everything says they don't deliver. Never heard of or seen a single advertisement of KFC, subway or quizno's delivering either.

    Taco bell delivery??? - Yahoo! Answers
  19. man if your in a college town EVERYONE delivers. even the sushi places..
  20. In my hometown of Toledo, delivery past 10 PM is limited pretty much to pizza places. In Columbus, however, a myriad of ethnic foods and treats present themselves as options even during the darkest and most desperate of nights.

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