i'm sure there's lots of posts like these, but my girlfriend cheated on me.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by hunteraugustine, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. i've been cheated on before, but man this hurts. :cry: i had been going out with this girl for almost a year. i could have sworn we might have someday gotten married. i know that sounds silly, but i really thought she was the one. so i'm off to smoke some joints. and drink.
    smoke a little something for me blades
  2. sorry to hear dude, been there :( there's no reasoning for why people do that kinda bs to others, but I can almost guarentee it's better this way. better now than later, as much as it hurts it would only be worse. chin up, keep tokin'!
  3. I'm really sorry op, everyone knows how fucked up that feels :( my condolences
  4. we got ya back man,

    take some time to think and remember that life goes on. .
    no matter how low you go life goes on
  5. Take care man, relax with some j's.
    This kind of bullshit is pulled way too much but get beyond that shit man, just rise above it and not stoop to her level.
    Man, im kind of high so that might not make sense, but the love is there man. it IS.
    Smokin some for you dude.

    "Its better to light a candle instead of cursing the dark" - fucking tune im listening to right now by K'naan

    Seriously though dude, shes not worth the energy you spend feeling bad.
  6. Man, people who cheat are low-lifes. Fuck that shit, at least have the guts to admit a relationship isn't working. I'm sorry, man. Time to start fishing again!
  7. Good vibes sent to hunteraugustine. Most of us know what that feels like, yeah man good luck with finding a new and better hottie :D.
  8. celibacy.

    dont knock it till ya try it man

    im 5months in on the first!

    there is so much less stress in my life, its actully pretty good man

    its nice a take a break, im goin back after 10 months
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    I'm sorry bro, it has happened to me too. Except we had been together for almost 2 years.. i know how much it sucks but think about it. those kind of cheating fucking slutty nasty whores arent worth shedding a single tear over. You'll find someone better man, i did after like two months. My current gf is awesome, and im sure your next one will be too.

    Keep your head up. :)
  10. cheating is pointless and hurtful.....
  11. That sucks dude.. I am in no means sorry though because this is a good thing(that you found out, weren't together too long and know what kind of a whore she is) But only leave with the good memories... Don't go back too her you deserve better.. At least you have something to blame her for so you don't go back.. She is not the one... We are all here for you bro... And my plans are to go into psychology and relationship counseling so please pm me when you need a lift or to get stuff off your chest... We are all here for you man. You deserve the best in this world... And I promise you she is not it!!!!
  12. it sure is man, break up with someone but dont cheat :(
  13. there is only one thing to do now...have sex with her mother...yah that'll show her...
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your girl cheating on you. I've been cheated on before and I know how heartbreaking it can be. [​IMG]

    I've been celibate for a year and a half. It's been kind of nice but I'm getting a bit antsy in my pantsy. :D
  15. "Because I'm a lowlife, living the high life."
  16. Haha shit, i remember your original thread in Pandora's box when you publicly claimed you were becoming celibate.

    Hard as hell to believe it's been 5 months. Shit.
  17. even my grandfather will tell you that alota women are trickin.. cant trust em, never base trust on being "in love", u'll get fucked, base trust on actions that have proven her to be trustworthy

    i dont care how much you love someone and think they love you, it doesnt mean shit as far as them findin a hotter dick to fuck around with for a lil bit on the side, like i said actions speak alot louder then words
  18. don't let yourself get walked all over by a girl who doesnt appreciate you, you're wasting time you could be out finding a real genuine down ass girl for yaself. Keep your chin up, you deserve better than how you're being treated.
  19. Humans are not by nature(biology) monogamous, but are merely socially monogamous.
    Realize it and get on with living. Plus, you're not even married, so ya have no claim. And even married people have sex with others too. There are no guarantees.
    She didn't cheat, she went on to enjoy others, that's what single people do. Right? Or otherwise, what's the point?
    You're best to have written contracts if you're gonna need to have commitment in relationships. Lay out the terms as soon as you know it's serious. Renew them annually.

  20. I don't really agree with this, he was in a consensual, exclusive relationship, which means he does have claim. The contract thing is kinda on the money though.

    For me, he (or she) who cheats is a disrespectful coward, because they can't have the balls to say things aren't working or that they want to try to make it better.

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