i'm sure i'm the 1000th person to ask...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. but there is just so much to "weed" through(bad joke, i know).

    i live across the street from a big ass state park and was wondering if i were to plant a few seeds and do some basic tasks to take care of it what are the chances of it growing well pretty much on its own? i live in florida by the way

    sorry again for the repeat question
  2. Are you growing it at the skatepark? lol, if so, thats not a smart idea haha..you should be fine, just make sure you dont de-hydrate em lol.
  3. STATEpark ;)

    theres no harm in trying man so I'd say go for it. If everything works out, bonus. If not then you'll know for next time how much extra work will need to go into it.
  4. i think u would have a good chance if u water it if it doesnt rain, and kill the males, and weed decently atleast once...
  5. very cool. now that UF-Toker is back perhaps we will start to grow. any advice on location? i'm gonna have to start visiting this board more often to learn as much as possible...

    thanks for being so nice btw
  6. i live in fla. also, the rain is regular enough around this whole state,,,,,,id suggest putting a little perlite in the soil,,,, and when you dig the hole,,, putting some rocks at the bottom of the hole,,,just dont plant it near a pine tree and youll do fine....pine trees make the soil very aciddy,,,the pine straw that falls,,and deteriates in the soil,,,makes the area all around a pine tree aciddy also,,,im in n.fla.,,, i know around here we have a lot of pine trees,,,its a little difficult to find a good spot away from them,,,, they are everywhere....good luck
  7. HAHAHA!!, omg..im sorry haha, i read it and my mind told me skatepark lol, my bad..yeah Go ahead grow it haha
  8. Lol if I dind´t read your post I wouldn´t notice too, what an coincidence... peace....

  9. Damn.. he did it .....lol


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