I'm Suppose to Be Saving My Money.....

Discussion in 'General' started by TLF1088, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I made the decision the other week to start saving more money. I planned on going out less, drinking less, and unfortunately smoking less weed.

    However, plans change.

    What could cause me to not save money?


    Two girls who are friends with a friend of mine want to get fucked up this weekend. They are not old enough to go to bars, so I suggested an alternative, that being a sleezy motel.

    The four of us will be spending a night in a sleezy motel that everyone in the city knows is only used for fucking women, drinking, and doing drugs.

    The girls agreed to spend the night their.

    I'm paying the 35 dollars for the room, my buddy is paying for a handle of booze and a case of beer, and the girls are throwing down ten bucks each for weed.

    The best part? My buddy has a girl and doesn't want to fuck any of them. That means I'll have two horny drunk girls to myself.

    This could possibly be the most epic weekend of my life.
  2. goodluck, report back:hello:
  3. lol! Awesome!

    You gotta update us on this.
  4. that's pretty sleazy man. why not like...somewhere not shitty?
  5. hey if they're down then I support your decision :smoke:

    have a good time...

    ...bring condoms
  6. Like the poster after you said....if they're down, so am I.

    Why waste more money than I should? I'm paying for the room. I say I go with the 35 dollar a night motel. I'm poor, I can't afford the Ritz, or even the Comfort Inn.
  7. hey bro dont touch your naked ass to the walls, not matter what position you get into, just dont do it. You will catch something. Its not in your best interest to do this. No joke here!
  8. hahaha +rep for making me laugh
  9. make sure u get it in cause ive seen some hotel parties go \to shit- play it smooth and hit them cheeeks-best wishes:hello:
  10. too bad your rep means less than a rock on the ground...

    OP, when you guys are all drunk, put it in her butt and see if she notices :smoke:
  11. Pics or it didnt happen ;)

    Btw, hotels are some of the nastiest places ever, especially at 35 a night.

  12. how bout like a house or something? like a clean house? maybe a trailer? maybe even the woods?

    how old are these girls?
  13. All i can say is, report back
  14. your gonna have another dude in the room while you're trying to get busy with 2 chicks?? idk thats a little bit of a turn off IMO
  15. Tell that bitch to go outside to the car or something haha

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