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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by D-Mouse, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I got some white widow seeds from dutch passion the other day and i planted them in some compost.

    When i got the seeds i chucked em in some miracle grow potting compost, during the night i got all paranoid that my poor new babies would be burned by all the nasty neuts in the compost and decided to re-pot em in some 'clean' untreated stuff from my local diy store.

    I carfully dug up the seeds with one of our lasses hair grip things and dropped them in a cup of tepid water to get rid of any nasty stuff on them from the soil.

    Then i put some clean compost in some more pots and watered the pots ready for the seeds, and carfully took the seeds out of the water and planted them in new soil.

    I am just wondering, as the seeds were only in the miracle grow compost overnight before being repotted (about 14hrs) will the neuts have killed my seeds?

    Also when i dug em up and put em in water i noticed that 3 of the 4 seeds i planted had begun to germinate, they had split and had a tiny whitish green shoot coming from one end, If the neuts had damaged them would thay have even started to germinate?

    As 3 had started and 1 hadn't will it be that the one that was still as it was in the packet (not started) will have been killed but the others will be ok or will thay all be killed or all O.K?

    I'm so worried about my babies please help!

    I post back with there progress and pics.

    Thanks everyone
  2. HIGH All, I think transferring them to another soil when germed would hurt them more. The seeds could handle the compost..it's when they germ and that little root starts to suck up the nutes..the germed seed needs no nutes for it's first weeks of life. It's why they say don't feed the little ones with treated soil.

    Hard to say if they live or die my friend....now we wait (with fingers crossed).

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