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I'm stumped on what to do for my hydro setup, Please help

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by LegitSmokin, May 1, 2003.

  1. I have done one soil grow under flouros. I am now setting up my first hydro grow. I can easily get my hands on either a 400watt hps or 1000watt hps.

    Space is unlimited(spare bedroom). After the purchase of my light, I will have about $300 for the rest of my setup(already got seeds).

    I need help choosing a hydro setup I can build my self that will be most efficient for me. Which light should I do?, the 400 or the 1000. Please design me a good setup, please. thank you

    also would it be better to go with 1 1000 or 2 400's, or 1 400 considering heat? and how many plants can I do with each?
  2. HIGH All, IMO the Bubble Bucket method is the cheapest and easiest. here's a thread about my setup.

    Read as much about (Hydro) as you can and see what's best for your situation.

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