i'm stoned and i'm lost

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 25, 2002.

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  1. like the subject sujests, i am stoned... and i\'m also lost. i have no idea where i am right now in the city... i\'m in the middle of my second (dry) bubbler packed with these kill ass christmas buds... damn. it\'s snowing like a bitch out. they\'re saying we\'re gonna get an inch before evening, then another 1-3\" over night. that\'s pretty cool i guess... better than no snow at all. hold on... gotta hit the bubbler again.

    ::takes mad rip for all the blades and bladies::

    YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! i\'m wrecked on christmas for the first time ever!!!

    ::does happy \'cause he\'s wrecked on chrsitmas for the first time ever dance::

    oo, my head just got this rush that was like *WHAM!* and i got all tingly...

    hmm... i wonder if this qualifies as a rant yet????

    more than likely.

    ....5 minutes later due to zonage....

    hmmm... i got the cottons... time to get a drink

    fare well... for now :D
  2. sweet i wish i had some weed
  3. Getting lost is sometimes a good thing!!!!! LOL. I\'m glad you had a good christmas though!!!!!!!!
  4. well, those 2 dry bubblers were accompanied by 2 wet bubblers that got me good and blasted... i love my new piece. so far since friday a total of almost 21 grams of dank have been burned in it... i really need a camera :p
  5. I\'m always lost. I get lost sitting on the damn couch.

    I\'m glad you\'re lost too, Cottons. Nothing is better than being lost. It\'s more fun than not being lost, that\'s for sure!

    Critter\'s dancing!!!!

    ::::doing the happy-because-Critter\'s-dancing dance::::::
  6. ::does the dancing with rmjl and critter \'cause he\'s bored dance::

    yay... getting another gram today. ahh... the last of my weed money\'s getting used up. after this, the dreaded period of me having to stay clean :( it\'s all good though. i picked up a bottle of niacin yesterday... it\'s time release so i shouldn\'t get all flushed and feel like i\'m on fire, lol.
  7. Good luck with the drug test, Cottons.

    LOL...that\'s why I felt so weird when I took it.
  8. my recruiter had me take 2 500mg niacins before i went to sign up and all just to make sure i\'d be clean... all he told me was to drink a lot of water \'cause my skin was gonna \"burn alittle\"... i figured to keep this from happening i\'d drink a lot of water, and take them before bed so i could sleep through it.. HA! i was very much mistaken. i woke up and it felt like someone set my bed on fire while i was asleep, lmao...

    my sister took 4 500\'s once... i could only imagine how that musta felt. lol.
  9. Thank you for your perspective and understanding what was going on.

    It was rather refreshing.

  10. ::stares at screen with confused look::

    was that to me???... if so. you\'re welcome

    if you weren\'t talking to me then disregard :) lol
  11. I remember a couple of months back staying at my Aunties. Who lives about about 100 miles from me and i\'ve only been there about 5 times, so i dont know the area very well. Shes really cool and relaxed. She doesnts know i toke blow, but hey any way. One day about 3 in the afternoon, it suddenly struck that i still had an eighth of weed left and my home made lung in my suitcase. So as a 17 year old toker. i went for a walk, no real place to go, just stopping to have a lung of this weed in a nearby wood, every 10 minutes. Anyway i must have been walkin for about 2 hours, by his time it was starting to get dark and i suddenly thought.... oh shit.....where the fuck am i? By this time i had finished all of my weed, and i was really mashed. I was also really starting to get the munchies and i needed a drink, with no money!! I didnt have a clue where i was, i didnt have my aunties adress of phone number, so i had to find home in the dark, while canned, 100 miles from home. Then very luckely as i was starting to lose all faith in getting home that night, my cousin come round the corner and recognised me and took me back to my aunts. I swore he would never tell, i dont think he did. I just said to her that iwent to the local part, to think to myself. I just told her that and went to the spare room. laughin so hard it was startin to hert. and instantly got some munch and some drink from my bag. I fell straight to sleep, well good!!!

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