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im still around

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. still stoned
    still busy
    still alive
    still lonely
    still depressed
    still me
    still stoned:D
  2. hey man, been missin ya. The church is in need of a sermon.
    n come set these post whores
  3. I do at least! :)

    norm! my mom has been wondering about you too ;)
  4. It's good to see that Sensi's mom doesn't have to go and find you know!!!

    Give a good rant to the souls of the city!!
  5. *busts in resinated roaches blazing rowdily!!!*

    suddenly everyone is hungry..for pie and biskits

    i inhale deeply....(just so you know, i really am hitting a rather resiny roach)...i also have been smoking rather heavily, which i am trying to cut back on....*coughing*...brb....
    bouncing between soft lips and swimming pools, house parties and those frequent extravagant convoys out of town into the drunken high hills of BFE, tip toe-ing through pastures of shroomy slippy swirly slidy sweetness..PRAYING to SHESUS that those are not headlights bouncing through the woods, leaving the shed going in the shed, other random shed shit, mad blunts smoked in the shed, mad bongs smoked in the shed, random shed shit again...lots and lots of jimi hendrix, you know thats the best recipe for stoniness, lots of jimi hendrixFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHH

    bustin out a fucking rant at the city, chillin with a joint, listening to jimi chop on fucking MOUNTAINS with the edge of his hand

    i am hopelessly determined.

  6. what a fucking badass!!!!!!!!!
  7. feels like home!!!!

  8. so I take it you got excalibong back? or am I thinking of some other person that got their periphernalia taken away?
  9. i shaved my head too

    i just rolled a beautiful jay for myself for yall


    it canoed ON MEEE!!
    i havent been drunk in a while...drinking moderately is nice fucking rocked my world..i LOVE shrooms...ive only done them about three times tho...
    im a couple of paydays away from a tounge ring and a tattoo
    i plan on getting drunk, high, and laid on friday
    kuh noooo....waterandaaaacanoe1!!!

    the door was a fucking liquid...picture a door...picture picture a liquid door...THAT WAS THE FUCKING DOOR!!! was liquid..i could touch it and it would door to the shed looked very much like water, while my mind was under the effects of hallucinoginec cant spell while trying to sound smart, the two dont mix well for me for some reason, and when i try to talk intelligently...this is the most chilled i have been in months, i am perfectly relax, mentally, emotionally, everything is relaxed wow..may jamne make me ok fo talkin abbooo sjasbpareljkas.........................hunee...grujnt...argh....oohgg...*squeak*.....*gurgle*......*....*.......................

    PEE EHS i am in no way done with my time here...i havent been to this god damned place in months just waltzin around spilling my mind on the im here for this hour, typing, im going to at least stain the glass a little bit ...and by glass you know i mean glass in a glass bong because glass is great glass is glory, fifty cent is horny, wantin some bitches on his car lot, spendin alot, smokin alot, im stoned alot, right now alot, high alot am i , wow stoned am i, like a fry, crispy, toasty, niced and baked, not shaked, just baked, its nice , im high with yall, i fell of there a lil bit, not makin too much since, so, theres a box of trojans on my computer desk...been there too long to make any damned sense
  10. *stretches*.....*yawns*......i think ill be here for a while.....*passes out in floor*...
  11. Norm, my little pigfucking hillbilly buddy, how have you been. Are your Hawgs ready for another tough season of SEC football? The mighty crimson pachyderms are ready for some BBQ hawgs.

    I was just thinking about you Sunday. I was down in the Land of Cotton, where old times are not forgotten, watching the rain come down, the waves crash to shore and the glittering of lights atop the casinos in the Gulf Coast versionof LAs Vegas. Storming like a mofo, with lightening popping about. While I'm driving down the coast I see a couple swimming in the water during the middle of the storm. I'm thinking what kind of idiots would be swimming while lightening is popping around everywhere. As I passed by their car, guess what State they were from????

    R-Kansas :D
  12., its good to have a rant to sit back and read while baked!!!!!! I'm glad you are still around and having fun. This joint is for you!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hahahahahaha. :D
    (ooh, serious case of deja vu.)

    indeed. that it does.

    ::: puts slippered feet up on end of hob and sits back in rocking chair, pipe in mouth and flaps open the news paper :::

    Norm lad, go down stairs and fetch your maw and paw some coal for the fire... and uh, cut me a swish while you're at it.

    ok, deja vu is one thing.... but past live memories? lol

    ieeeeeeee! icarumba.... do we get to see?
  14. *YAAAWWWNNNN*....*streeetch*

    AHHHH...ok..what..who? awake now..what happened?...what is this strange three tone place that i feel inexplicably comfortable in, sorounded by my own personal musac, everyones thoughts flow like water, accepted or spit out, its still there, undeniable...

    this three tone green shaded house is what mental shelter is all about...ive been fucking tired for so i get a rest so glad to be home....

    as winter silently creeps up in the early september south arkansas humidity, the mind grows weary at the thought of cabin fever, then spasms with excitedness at the thought of taking a trip to alabama, new jersey, california, tennessee, oregon, south carolina, and SMOKING OUT LIKE SOME MOTHER FUCKERS in one night.
  15. damn man its great hearing from you. please stick around, its boring without ya.
  16. my intentions here demand permanence, i do not know what they are, but im gonna be here for a while....ive already set up the tent in the back yard...anybody want some excalibong...
  17. *raises a brow*
    *raises a hand*
  18. ahh yes, its good to be back, its just going to be damned tough getting to know 300 more people and keeping up on a couple new boards..whoa.

    and yes, excalibong, and yes, you should raise your hand

    for it shalt blow your wiggest offeth.

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