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  1. Alright, I haven't posted in SOOOOOO long the last post i did was 2 months ago...it was about me going to a festival to go camping. WELL heres what happened I was drinking alot of beer and was doing some blow and doing some rope boarding and I fell, Then hit a tree stump and broke 2 ribs my rib then came across my chest and punctured my right lung. My body swelled up to an incredible size (one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me). Every time i would take a breathe because my lung was punctured it would fill my body with air. I was released from the hospital 2 weeks later and was doing well. I then decided to go out one night to the bar. I biked there and little did i know that would puncture my left lung I went to the hospital 2 days after the bike ride puking, while i was at the hospital they drained 4 and a half leters of blood out of my chest and again i almost died. This honestly was one of the scariest things that has happened to me along with what happened previous. I've learned not to take shit for granted not to do anything stupid without thinking shit over. I', 20 years old and almost died it's scary. Everyone Please Be careful.
  2. wats roap boarding?????

    glad ur ok man. 2 puntured lungs and ALOT of blood gone....u really did have a chance at dieing, and at 20 years old...everything good now or u still hurt?
  3. wft??? wat is the rope connected to????

    i cant watch the vids.....
    and glad ur all good now man...
  4. third times the charm!

    haha nahh just playing. Your one hellova lucky guy, man... whats gettin punctured next?
  5. Jesus Christ man! Its good that you're ok.
    This shit reminds me of one of my friends. He breaks bones like its his job. Broke one wrist doing god knows what, then after he healed, broke the other one biking (thus fucking up his summer), then not long after he healed he broke his collar bone playing lacrosse and the list goes on.
    Play it safe. And good call on not taking things for granted.. we're so spoiled in this great country.

    edit: that rope boarding shit is crazy.
  6. Just be careful dude.
  7. Thats bullshit your entire blood volume is around 6L. You would have died. Maybe you misunderstood.
  8. On the average, an adult human male who weighs 70 kg. has a blood volume of about 5 liters, or a little more than 5 quarts.
  9. that is probably the reason why they have blood donors.
  10. What im saying is that if 4.5 of his 5 or 6 liters of blood were not in his circulation he would have died from lack of oxygen to his vital organs. If they drained 4.5L of blood out of his chest he would have already been dead long before he got to the hospital.
  11. Ropeboarding looks dope but dangerous.

    Congrats on recovery and be careful now.
  12. and where does it say that he was biking around with 4.5L of blood in his lungs?

    internal bleeding is a steady thing, and blood transfusions go on when you're still bleeding, you know.

    why would this kid lie? jesus, don't be an ass, he's telling his story. nobody is doubting the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

    OP, glad to hear your alright, it definitely changes your outlook on things to an extent at least. I died on the way to the hospital in an ambulance for a lil while, ressucitated on arrival and kept in ICU. scary shit.
  13. Dam man may 13 i hade got my new car and me and my friend had went out for a ride well i lost contral of my car and fliped it 5 times and got trown out 50 feet away from my car becuse i didnt have my seatbelt on but my friend was fine and she was still in the car!! I broke my wrist and my leg was all fucked up with road rash !!! Im only 16 and you dont know how good life is untell you really know if your gonna lose it or keep it!!!!! Where your seatbelt
  14. in before ban....

    come back in two years :wave:
  15. Invest in a vaporizer. Since you have damaged your lungs pretty bad, it would not be a good idea to smoke. They are weak and they could possibly collapse if they are continuously exposed to harmful things (smoke is supposed to increase the chances of this.) Smoking weed is fun, but not if you cant be around to enjoy it.

    Thank god you are still alive. You got very lucky. Please, take it easy for a while. Let your luck build back up again :)

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