Im Staying Right Here On The City,,, I Aint Going No-where !!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I WAS CONTIMPLATING ON GIVING THE CITY A BREAK FOR A WHILE,,, but thought,,? why because of 1 blade harrasing me,,,

    then i thought that your nature,,,, well it aint,!!!!!!!:cool:

    my ignore list works fine,,,, ive submitted the ignoree,,, check it, thru a thread,,,, and i no longer will be,,, hassled by this guy,,,,,

    thank you hempress and keep smokin reefer,,,,, your words floated all thru my head tonight,,,,,

    the chickens stayin,,,, i got love here,,, and blades that really helped me in my desicion,,, by telling me to stay,,, and expressing thier thoughts that i would be missed,,,,

    how can i let ya'll down,,, by leaving,,,, and besides im the only ''NECK'' on the board to my knowledge,,,,

    we need diversity,,,,, and im diverse as they come,,,,,

    i did handle this matter in a non-flaming way.... i pat myself on the back....

    for praticing self control,,,, :hello::hello::hello:

    see ya in the threads my fellow blades,,, im going to bed,,, it's 5;ooa.m.

    and i been up truckin all night...... im one tired mo-fo...:wave:
  2. chicken, they don't call me COWBOYsaxman for nothin', done the rodeo bit when younger, wore western boots and hats all through school ( Had LONG hair though,lol) first car was a 60' Chevy truck,and love that ole' stars and bars rebel flag!:D

    Don't let anybody here drive ya away Bro,there's just too many great Blades and Bladies here!:smoking::bongin::gc_rocks:

    And like ya said. that ignore list works fine:D:p
  3. glad your staying chicken. Don't let one blade get ya down.
  4. glad to see you changed your mind chick :)
  5. I'm glad you're staying chicken, but now it's time to let it go. You've got him on ignore so there's no need to bring it up anymore. (Unless you get nasty PMs or rep, then you need to bring it to a mod's attention.)

  6. Right on, brother.

    This forum is like a barbecue, it woundn't be complete without the Chicken.
  7. Go chicken!:gc_rocks:

  8. I never eat chicken at barbecues but good to see you didn't decide to leave cuz of one dude.
  9. Its nice to hear that you resolved the matter peacefully cause it wouldn't be the same w/o you here.
  10. Good to hear Chicken. Keep around. This place is hard to
  11. You're the first chicken to not run. :smoking:
  12. Yay Chicken STAYS!
  13. hahahah yeah man! glad to see the last thread u started didnt make ur mind up for you:p
  14. all you've got to do is stop using so many commas for your ellipses....and switch to periods.

  15. great.

    made my day.
  16. ^^^^^^ sauce ill say this 1 time,,, your on my ignore list now,,,,

    so posting in my threads,,, is a total waste of your time,,,

    im not mad at you, but i appoligized for offending you in the past, ive tried a lot of things to make peace with you,,, and you continued to flame me,,,

    i hope your reply was positive,,, i cant see it,,,,

    but know this, i have no hard feelings for you,,,, it's just a shame i had to put you on that list to get a little peace,,,

    now as the hempress suggested,,, im dropping it,,,,,, i do hope your more respectfull to the other blades than you were to me,,,,

    as you stated '' you dont like me'' why i really never could figure that one out....... it's dropped,:wave:

  17. No need for this, man. -rep
  18. Chicken mon, I knew you would stay.. good choice brotha!

    look forward to your next thread!

  19. bah! if i switched,,, youd be telling me to go back to the commas...............:p
  20. no doubt,,, thanks JAH- ......... ( i swear those periods just aint me )

    the blades here as stated in many threads ive read in the past are truly bonded with each other,,,,,,

    me being one of them,,,, i look forward to posting my next thread,,:cool::cool::cool:


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