Im starting a new grow tent and curious how low you drop your lights

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  1. I am starting my first air cooled hood grow tent and about to duct it but am curious how low I should allow for when running my duct.  I mean how low would/do you ever have your lights?  I am figuring about two feet but am just looking for some opinions.  I have  two 600w in a 4x8 tent.  Appreciate any help.

  2. Well...if ya need some advice I'm here to lend a some pics of your setup...???

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    As close as you can with temps permitting. Assuming you have proper air flow and ventilation you should be able to get them within 18"..Rather than using so much duct to get the light closer I would set it so you can adjust it to about 3ft the lowest and use something to prop up the plant pots in the early stage. That way you don't have so much excess ducting when you raise your lights

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