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I'm Sorry

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. I'm sorry in advance for anything that I may say or do for the next couple of weeks. Tough times lay ahead for me and I don't know how I will handle them.

    First off, the Full moon strikes again tonight and as my friends know, that usually means trouble for me with all these tidal pulls sloshing around.

    Second, my kids left this morning to go to Grandma's house for TWO SOLID FREAKING WEEKS!!!!!! No kids at the house!!! :) :) :) No Kids, doesn't that sound sweet. So I plan on getting a lot crazy over the next few days.

    AND one more thing, I have a few more vacation days left and I'm planning something big (besides my penis) for the wife.
  2. Academia Retards By Fact Earth Has 1 Day When Dead Still, And 4 Days Within 1 Earth Rotation, losing 3 days retards humanity.

  3. Oh BPP stick it up your ass!!!!!!!!!!
  4. BH!!! That made me's basically my thoughts as well!!!
    I'm sorry too, BPP, as I'm totally fuckin' jealous!!!!

  5. While my kids are gone, you my dear friend are changing diapers. Try to remember that when the baby sleeps, you sleep to or you get kinda cranky, like right now!! LOL!!!

    ;) ;) ;) :)

  6. I've been changing diapers ever since the ex moved out. I just haven't had time to take them outta the house. I never sleep any way. 3-4 hours a night is plenty of sleep for me! Damn I thought tonite was the night I'd be flying. I've already had 4-5 good hitds and just realised the nanny won't be here to help with the baby tonight. Damn that sucks a BIG one!

  7. I don't mind caring for the little one. She is a bunches of joy. I just got to get the diapers outta the house. No more babies for me I've already been cut from belly button to a hole! Now i have just one big split LOL!

    I thought you were coming to help with the baby? I hope the smelly diapers don't scare you off!

  8. Oh yeah? How about this, It's summer, i'm a teenager, I have no job, no rent, no kids, no bills, no school, and almost no responsibilities. I can stay up till 3:00 am on grasscity grub on delicious free food, go up to my room watch tv untill I fall asleep, sleep until I feel like getting up, smoke a couple bowls and do watever I feel like. I can just sit, stare, listen to pink floyd and do nothing if I want to ;) ;) ;)

    YEAH, what now?

  9. I bet you also go around picking up guys and licking their toes and feet! ;) ;) ;) LOL I read where you really enjoy feet.
  10. guess which fishnet tanktop wearin stud also likes feet girlie...
  11. yeah i'm pretty much sitting on my ass and doing nothing too, even in school i do that(i guess thats why i'm still in 9th grade, ha). But i don't have smoke so i'm constantly depressed. I don't have a problem watching kids, i was hoping my sister would bring her babys over for me to see, shes back from florida now but doesn't really wanna see the family (bitch). Chances are shes goign to run off again and the next time i see her kids they won't be babys anymore.
  12. :) I bet you also go around picking up guys :)

    :( and licking their toes and feet! :(

  13. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

    Now that has to be the best thing I ever herd!!!!!!!

    I vote 420girlie to be Grasscity's comedian!!!!

  14. Awwwww shucks *blushes* I'd like to thank my family for being such smart-ass bitches when I was growing up. Juuuust kidding ;)

  15. No kids!!2 solid freakin weeks!! Man,,you gotta tell me what that's wife and I can't imagine it.....peace,quiet,no yelling amongst the kids,,,,what the hell do you do?

    You Lucky dog.......Bark at the Moon.....

  16. Last night I got to smoke INSIDE the house. And then we went out to eat in a real sit down restaurant during the middle of the week. Then as we were driving home, I was watching the full moon peak in and out of the clouds CCr came on the radio playing "Bad Moon Rising" followed up by the BEatles's "Yellow Submarine" oh it was a trippy Wedsnday night!!

    God i love singing along to yellow submarine but those blue meanies keep popping into my imagination.
  17. *side note*

    My little 3yr old brother loves that song and just the Beattles in general. He's so cute when we were in Hawaii we got him this Ukelele and he dances around playing the "beattles". He sings there songs in the car all the time, I bet you guys would get along great BPP ;)

  18. I get along pretty good with anybody, but especially anybody that doesn't mind making a spectacle out of themselves.
  19. Can you play the Ukelele?
  20. I can play the ukelele...a hanna loo loo kwy a hanna loo loo kwy

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