Im sorry but the illuminati is bullshit

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  1. The illuminati is bullshit ...Lemmie explain somethin ... The music industry has always been the part of entertainment that draw the lines of controversey .. if there really is this "secret demonic society " why is there so much information floatin around .. if its secret nobody should know about shit right? ...second of all .. demonic controversey sells .. it worked pretty good with ozzy osborne & all the other hard rock bands back in the 70's & 80's .. those guys are done using that gimmick to help sell their records .. so now itz up for grabs and now the hip hop clicks are usin it sell their shit .. then hollywood caught wind to it ... so little symbols n shit are spotted in their movies ... these artists & actors say that dark shit so loosely & loudly becuz creatin controversey sells ... i believe if its meant for onez talents to take'em to the top its all part of gods plan .. i dont believe some foolz in suits wearing pentium chains come up n say hey come here .. & another thing where wuz this illuminati shit in 80's hollywood .. i dont ever remember Mr. T and Webster givin it up to the pentium ..
  2. Exactly man conspiracy theories sell. Very well. Look at all the news coming out you see, pretty much every headline is a conspiracy to somebody these days.

    Its really starting to effect public views too. Everybody hates the cops, hates the government, thinks everything is corrupt and that theres ALWAYS a hidden meaning to every action.

    People refuse to believe things have simple answers anymore.
  3. I totally agreed my G

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  4. psht i bet you don't even know the name of your local shadow lord
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  6. Its probably not the "illuminati" but there is defiantly some people behind the scenes pulling strings in the government, maybe even in entertainment.
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    there is no they
    everyone has their own agenda
    why do you think nothing gets done?
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    The way i see it is that this whole Illuminati bull shit is beneficial to the government and to the progression of capitalism in general. They know damn well that if they can keep the populous distracted with bland entertainment bombarded with brand recognition then they will be too busy to look into what they are actually doing. 
    What truly irks me is that the government doesn't try to hide most of the things it does to disregard basic humanistic rights in the pursuit of economic gain. There is no secret organization calling the shots, the government is just distracting us with entertainment and the outrageous conspiracy theories that arise from this constant entertainment so that they can pass bills they know we won't look into. Who is going to read a congressional bill when they could watch fucking spongebob or read about a triangle in a lil wayne video or something stupid like that.
    All the government has to do is give a bill a catchy name and the vast majority of American citizens won't even read the bill. "Patriot Act" implies that if your against the bill your against the US; but if you read the bill it is rather un-patriotic and negates rights afforded by the bill of rights. This is all happening before our very eyes, why won't people get the message that we actually have the power to influence our government and that sitting around posting tales on the internet about how Obama was born in Kenya after forging his birth certificate in Hawaii while Hillary Clinton smuggled in bombs to Syria is absolutely arbitrary and distracts people from the world in front of them.   
  9. the one thing is, there is no "the government". there is no they. everyone working a government job has their own agenda. that's why our entire system is so inefficient. every sneaky trick, every lie, every misdirection, came from individual people. lol im sure those people love being anonymous
  10. You know what else is bullshit?

    Everything else. It's all bullshit!
  11. Look up Endgame illuminati. Watch it. It's a documentary. With real facts. Real family history. Books. Interactions. Ect. Watch it. Then tell me what you think. Also.. I would post a link but my phone won't let me.... Someone who loves me post it, please. If it wasn't already..Sent from my H866C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. The Illuminati is real. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. Ima keep this short. MONEY makes the world go 'round. This is no opinion, mere factiod. When MONEY first started circulating on earth there were a few families that took HUSTLING and SAVING very SERIOUSLY. These FAMILIES haven't stooped HUSTLING since. Now they are the wealthiest on this floating roc. Wealthy enough to lend GOVERNMENTS MONEY. Get that straight, FAMILIES that have enough fuccin bread to help out GOVERNMENTS that run WHOLE COUNTRIES. "ILLUMINATI" is just a fuccin word. These FAMILIES are REAL. And judging by your post your talking about some hip hop Illuminati shit, which doesn't exist. No person of color is among these rich mothafuccas, thats an abomination to them. You gotta be FAM to be down with them. BUT, that doesn't mean that these same FAMILIES that own all these companies aren't controlling these rappers just like they control the politicians. If you think the US GOVERNMENT is running this country you are sadly mistaken my friend, stop watchin that fake ass news and do YOUR OWN DIGGIN'. You'll be surprised how much you'll wake up to this fuccin dream they been sellin us. 
    Read the declaration of independence and tell me that this modern day government aint fucced us all off.
    GET MONEY, GET HEALTHY, GET SMART my niccas... And the ugly bitches need the D too
  14. In my world, it doesn't exist. I ignore it completely because either way I don't give to fucks.
  15. if you seek evil, you will find it. duh.
    be the light you want to see in the world
    morality is empathy
    education is freedom
    positivity wins
  16. lol i feel you lady girl, but I'd give a couple fucs if i were you.. 'specially if you pay your taxes. Ask the government where they gone get the money to cover OUR generations social security. That shit is not going to exist when we get ready for it lol
  17. I don't give to fucks either. I also don't give to churches, charities or the FOP. LOL

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