Im sorry but i really need help

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  1. If anyone on here could give me honest advice about a situation, id type it out. Its long as fuck and complicted but none of my friends will hear me out and i need advice.
  2. Might as well go for it. You might get shit on, you might get no response, but you might also get some advice.

    Either way, you're getting it off your chest.

    DISCLAIMER: don't go the wall of text route. Make sure its readable.
  3. bring it on. nobody knows who you are here.
  4. Lay it on meh.
  5. Aiiight haha.

    So! Met this girl a few years ago, through a really good friend of mine. I skate, she always used to take along with my friend to chill at the park cuz it was next to the high school or whatever so after school wed all go down. Seemed like a nice kid, i always thought she was cute, got her number. So fast forward to like last winter. We started talking again and we hung out, and that turned into a relationship.

    I fell for her so hard. She literally became my best friend, and i became hers. We hung out SO much. Had so many good times. And its like, that girl is smokin fuckin hot, but i didnt care if we had sex or anything. I just wanted to be with her. (Obv it was a plus haha im just sayin so i make it clear i hung out with her so much because of her not so we could fuck, like i hear about a lot now a days..)

    So this summer i got a call from my two friends from way back, they wanted to blaze im like fuck yeah! Blaze a blunt, then they wanna go pick up this kid whos my girls cousin. I knew that my girl was hanging out with his sister last night. The kid found out i was dating her and made up some bullshit about his sister saying that my gf cheated on me.

    Like an idiot i just believed him and freaked out at her and we broke up and it caused many trust issues for a few weeks because she wanted me so hard but i believed him over her (which i shouldnt have he was lying) i broke up with her for 1 week, done. I dont remember how it happened but we got back together. But before we did i was like, i just want to know so there are no secrets, were you faithful to me? She said yes. I believed her. We stayed together for 2 weeks. We were the happiest we had been together.

    Long story short, were drunk as fuck in the back of my car, in my friends drive way, fighting over some stupid fucking shit her friend pulled (i was pissed her friend was cheatin on her bf) and thats when she told me that she, when we broke up, got stupid drunk and blew some kid. It hurt so fucking much not so much it happened but that she lied to my face. And she was saying that we cant stay together because she likes him. This was in august, worst pain of my life. Then on my bday this year in october, she said happy bday. I texted her to catch up. She was dating that kid, but she broke up with him for me. But shes different now. Idk what it is.

    It didnt work out so we stopped talking again. But recently shes been saying that she loves me and stuff, and we both know its not a good idea to get involved with each other, but i feel like she wants it to happen as much as i do. Like this was yesterday when she said she still loves me.

    Idk. What do i do? Do i go with my heart and try to make it work with the girl i love, and not to mention she is my dream girl. I used to want someone exactly like HER before i met her and was single. She makes me the happiest i have ever been. But we always hurt each other. I still feel the same way about her that i did when i fell for her. But idk. The risk seems equal to the reward, but i dont know if im setting myself up to be hurt again. I think about her every god damn day. I miss her every day. Idk.
  6. From experiencing the same exact thing, I say move on, she isn't worth it.

    There's plenty of others my friend.
  7. Yeah, im trying to tell myself that. Been trying since fucking august
  8. Yup, move on brother. Nothing you can do about it, best to just cut ties and move forward. THe older you get the wiser you get and the more you realize that pining after one person isn't really that constructive or worthwhile.
  9. Everybody has those relationships where you know it won't work out but you still want to be with them. I'd say just keep your distance.

  10. I've been trying to tell myself away from this one girl for almost 2 years. Finally was able to do that just by shifting my mindset.

    She may have been your dream girl to you, but think about it like this: Is she mature enough for you? Like you say you love each other, but keep hurting each other too.

    I know relationships are give-take but hurting shouldn't be a common thing. They should be things that you build off of and work on in a relationship.

    To me, it sounds like your best bet is moving on.
  11. Yeah, im just gonna move on. I was gonna do that anyways but after yesterday i was reconsidering, and yeah. Shes beautiful.
  12. Yes sir. Gotta agree. Almost the same thing happened to me but worse in every single way, haha ie, dated for 4 years, then broke up and continued to have sex then I got chlamydia. So I'd STEONGLY suggest you deal with the amount of pain you have now rather than stash it away only for it to come back and be wayyyy more painful later.
  13. Sounds like the girl I lost my virginity too.

    Me being young and stupid, and very pussy whipped, put up with a shit relationship for two years.

    I can personally say it was the worst 2 years of my life, so if you can get out; GET THE FUCK OUT.
  14. Haha i put up a long, shit relationship with the girl i lost my virginity to as well
  15. been there man. if it didn't work out the first two times, don't even bother. i've been in an unhealthy 10 month relationship before. it was an endless cycle of bullshit

    don't stress over a woman, bro
  16. Yeah, im just gonna continue trying to get over her, thanks for your input guys
  17. Fuck it. What do you have to lose???
    If you like the girl go for it. You never know, people do make mistakes and learn from them.

    You don't want to regret it after the opportunity passes. Just don't set your expectations to high. Don't go into it thinking she's gonna be your wife someday. Take it one day at a time and enjoy yourself.

    Good luck, Bez...V
  18. kinda going through the same shit right now. in a way. sorry i can't be of any help lol, just wanted to say that
  19. If you ain't happy without her, there's really no reason to continue persueing her or letting her persue you.

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