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Im sorry.... another D test question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mike1122, Oct 10, 2010.

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    hey all ive been reading the forum for a couple of months now and just decided to join and i have a quick question. during the summer i was smoking daily some extremely dank stuff and i got caught by my parents on Aug. 20th. I had completly stopped smoking and i had a lab urine test on sept. 10th. i hadnt exercised or anything for about 2 months ( i got lazy ) and im 5'10 and at the time i weighed 190. I tested postive :( so since the aug 20th i havent smoked and ive decided to smoke again after my next test. ( around Oct. 11 -16 ) currently im still 5'10 and weight 180 and i burn 600 calories daily by running the treadmill and im on a diet and all that shit. my question is that if i smoke just once or twice after my test, and drink a lot and keep exercising, will i come out negative in the next 3 weeks?

    Should i do anything just incase?
  2. The more water you drink before the test and the more fat you burn, the more likely it is to get a negative. Good luck bro, stay high :smoke:

    Actually, wait til after your test
  3. Wait so how old are you?

  4. yeah im planning to toke after my test. Anything i should do the day before or on just incase?
  5. Very relevant lol.
  6. i thought age could be a factor :S

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