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Im soooo highhhhh

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IM SOO HIGH, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. I just made that title cuz thats how i feel, and i forgot it was my actual fucking name LOL. i finally cleaned my pipe ive had for 3-4 months. dudeeeeeee shit hits sooo hard nowwwww and this diablo og cali medical dankkkkk has me sooo fuckedd upppp.. ive never beeeen this highhhh B4444444. i just wake and bakedddddd outside and yeah.... i feel like.... a bean that someone just planted into the ground waiting for it to grow then for someone to eat me.
  2. dduuuuuddee i kkkknnnooowww that exxaacccttt feeelliing foooooreeeallll bro yeahhhhhh!
  3. Cool story bro
  4. lmao i actually love reading threads like this, wish i had some herb i've been dry for a week :( but getting a q soon :smoke:
  5. you hear that breathing in the corner of your room? someone watching you!
  6. nice responces.. lol... now im drunk as fuck
  7. It's a proven fact that if you smoke weed and you're under 15 year olds, you typppppppppppppeeee likeeeeeeeeeee disssssssssssssss
  8. I think TS is high on marijuana :smoke:

  9. shut up
  10. Why so mad?
  11. i know what u mean. i felt like that when i tried my first top shelf dispensary dank. quality > quantity.
  12. [ame=]YouTube - MARIJUANA KILLS "I'm so high right now" "noooooouu"[/ame]​
  13. wtf ur deal? you got a prob with smokin mj?
  14. You must be really cool, coming onto the internet and bragging about how high you are. Clearly you have tons of friends.
  15. hahahaha good stuff man. Dank is a wonderful thing
  16. .........Nothing can hurt me
  17. I gotta stay highhhiighhgiihghghgh

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