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    Sorry guys but I need to bitch to people right now to vent some steam. So theres this kid who im friends with (only friends because I feel sorry for him because he has no friends) he already does stuff that pisses me off all the time but I let it slide. Like he'll do stuff and I tell him not too (like eat food in my room) and he totally ignores it, he lies and makes up bullshit stories, etc. Anyway to start off, I'm 18 and my parents have been married for 25 years. For their wedding they got a microwave as a gift. Well the other day it crapped out so we borrowed my aunts old microwave who lives down the street. So today I was outside and this kid decided to go and make some ramen noodles. So without my knowing he goes into my pantry and puts some noodles in the microwave, then comes outside and joins me. I come in 15 minutes later and the house is FILLED with smoke and the microwaves gushing smoke. So I go and put the black smoldering noodles outside (lucky the house didn't catch fire) and now the house smells like ass (worst smelling smoke ever) and the microwaves trashed (the ceiling of it's sagging down and you can see the fan and shit). And this microwave wasn't even ours. So I went around febreezing the whole house (It didn't work) and this kid stays in my room and plays video games. I wouldn't be so pissed about hit but he doesn't even PRETEND to be sorry. He doesn't even apoligize ONCE. He said he put it in for a minute, but when I came it there were 45 minutes left so I assume he put it in for an hour. I know he didn't intentionally do it but he didn't even apoligize. I was friends with him and I felt that it was my responsability as a christian to be his friend, but I don't know if I have the willpower to do it anymore... any tips guys ?
  2. tip #1 stop hanging out with that kid
  3. Just stop talking to him. There's a reason he has no friends.
  4. It's your responsibility as a human to never chill with that weird little fucker ever again.
  5. Follow him home and take his microwave.

  6. Made me lol ... Yeah just stop talking to him our is he try talking to you act uninterested hell get the point
  7. [quote name='"KangarooBunny"']Follow him home and take his microwave.


    Do this.
  8. Even if you put ramen noodles in for 1min you don't fuckingforget about it for 15min
  9. Atleast microwaves aren't super expensive. Like $100 at Target
  10. What a dumbass kid. Ditch his ass, there's a reason he has no friends. I wish the fucker came and tried to burn my place down.
  11. Now we have to buy 2 though. One for us and one for my aunt...
  12. grab that fucker out of your room, slap him silly. If he tries to resist or fight back give that little fucker swirly after swirly(make sure he doesn't drown and he gets some air, it'll be even more great if you can convince him you've stopped....and then keep on doing it) and tell him to never fuck with your ramen noodles or your aunties microwave or he knows what will happen.

  13. Umm no.

    YOU have to buy one.

    Your friend has to buy one.
  14. If you're looking for some real advice, I'd suggest speaking to him, and being upfront with him. Some people in this world are ignorant, sometimes myself included, and it'll take someone to actually have the guts to mention to him of how disrespectful he can be, to get him to change.

  15. I totally should make him buy one...but I'm not going to. I'm just done feeling sorry for him. I'm going to be nice to him, but I'm going to put as much distance between us as possible. I'm not going to suffer just because he's a socially akward asshole. For his own safety he should run far away. I hunt, so I own guns...lots and lots of guns.

  16. Fine with me.

    I don't have to buy two microwaves.
  17. Real advice is if this kid has been ignoring your rules and walking all over you in YOUR OWN HOME and he's breaking stuff and almost burning your house down......he deserves a beating. You can be civilized and go to his family. But every other red blooded male in the world would have taken their shirt off and starting throwing down. He sounds like a little brat that needs to learn a lesson. Beat his ass, wait a few days, teach him how to be a real friend and never see him again.
  18. Go sneaking around and blow smoke in his familys cars/house ... I think it fun skating or riding my bike around and blow smoke into random cars with their windows even a crack open lol ... Tip : use a joint though
  19. Stop being friends with him. There's a reason why he has no friends. He's a flipping idiot.

  20. I wonder how many wives went into husbands cars that you did that two and got all up in there husbands shit..

    Or mom to kid..

    Etc. fucking lame move.

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