Im Sooo excited new glass soon!

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  1. So my sister was making the big move to college, she is living in her own appartment and has made it through high school and did very well and now goes to FSU and wants to be a successful woman. I couldnt give her money or anything but i had my BABY. my baby was a a gift from heaven my old ex girlfreind and her mom got for me a while back. It was a stunning PURE, straight tube with a diffused downstem, 3 perculators, each perc has 3 tree tree braches in them and within the tree branches in the percs they have 4 diffusers on each little arm!!!then on top of that room to put at leat 6-8 full ice cubes. It ripped liked it could have been hit by the gods of weed. So i gave it to my sister to take it up to her OWN appartment because she could put it to amazing use with her own house you know? But she is coming down in 3 weeks and she is bringing it back for me to have again!!!!! I cant wait to get my baby back!! It only ran me 325 dollars plus a fifty dollar case, but it beats any other bong i have ever hit in the world, one bowl of dank and your just blitzed out of your skull! Im So excited to get it back and as soon as i do ill post pics and milkshots of the hottest bong youve ever seen! Anyone got a PURE or PH(X) post pics of your best bong!
  2. your sister goes to FSU? is she hot? PM me her facebook link ;)
  3. well lets just say she dated THE POPULAR guys in school hahahah lol well depends are you a skeeeeeeeeeeeeez? hahahah

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