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Im so tired of it!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I am so tired of sneaking around like a criminal. I have to watch when i smoke and where. I have to Smuggle my shit inside things and contstantly look out or cops. I want to be able to just drive down somewhere and sit on a bench and smoke a bowl without breaking the law. Why is it so hard??!?!?!
  2. everyone does it..

  3. I know i just hate feeling like im doing something wrong. When im not
  4. we live in a society that frowns on it. just play the game.
  5. And the OP's post is exactly the reason I plan to move to a MMJ state in a few months ... because living in the South absolutely sucks. Weed is treated just the same as heroin or cocaine here. I envy someone living in states like Colorado and Oregon. I should have never left the west coast after college. Not to mention my salary out west will be substantially higher than here in the South. /women
  6. Fuck Florida! We got shitty laws too.
  7. I'm in the Carolina's....Florida is just as sucks
  8. Tell me about it. I hope we go medical cause I want to grow so bad. We are the sunshine state after all. Lol
  9. because the legal system and society as a whole is fucked. its corrupt and doesnt make any sense.
    Pursuit of happiness should just be taken out of the constitution because it doesnt exist. because last time i checked, weed makes me happy and doesnt hurt myself or anyone else. / drifting and bumping my music in an empty parkinglot with nobody within 1 mile of me, makes me happy and doesnt hurt me or anyone else.
    see a pattern?
  10. Acting like a fiend and sneaking around like one... then constantly thinking someone is watching over you... + weed and you got ur self the perfect recipe for a paranoid smoker

    haha... i don't blame you though i used to be the same until i realzied how many times ive actually blazed in a stupid spot and never got caught

    no one cares unless theres kids around

    Although i can't vouch for ur city but here in Ont its pretty damn easy to get away with
  11. In the states its not that easy. Lol you can go years without getting caught but when you do your fucked.
  12. Just play it as a game.
  13. lol. i never worry. i guess cause i just toke in my home most of the time.
    sometimes i'll blaze in the car after a pick up.

  14. Im in fl myself lol
  15. we are fucked just deal with it im sick of it too i bet we are all.
  16. 6'4" 258lbs
    I smoke a J around town every once in a while. I think the cops are to scared to do something. Either that or chasing all the "wanna be thugs"(n*ggers....) {no offence to black ppl}
  17. Idk man. I don't sneak shit. I'm way open about it. I take bong rips on the front porch, and I live in the middle of downtown.
  18. Yeah, Georgia isn't any better. I have my dealer deliver, but pretty much am restricted to my crib when I smoke. It does suck though.
  19. Yup. I only really blaze when I'm at peoples houses or school.
  20. @OP

    It's not so hard, just do it...

    Frankly, the reason daily smokers are able to enjoy what we do is because we don't care what other people think/say in regards to weed. We know it's not what people make it out to be, so we ignore the uneducated.

    Literally almost nobody else cares, you're just trippin yourself out. If you're out and wanna smoke a bowl out of your pipe, sit down and smoke it. Guarantee you the worst you'll get is a dirty look or two and fuck those guys right?

    Just don't go walking around with like half an ounce or some shit on you and you're fine. Like 90%+ of cops won't do shit other than maybe confiscate what you have if you're under 10 grams.

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