i'm so proud of all the YouTube comments on Stephen Colbert's PG hit-piece!!

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  1. Let's show up in the comments and continue the mayhem. Clearly, people are in support of an independent investigation. Here is a link to one of the infographics I highly recommend you all read if you are not familiar with #pizzagate yet. This is the story of the century. Godspeed my friends.


    Also, the main pizzagate discussion is happening at


    And also at

  2. I simply can't trust these amateur online sources any more than I can trust an advertisement on The Pirate Bay telling me that I'll win $100,000 if I click on it.

    Not trying to be rude to anybody, or offensive, but this is just how I feel. If we can't trust CNN, how can we trust a bunch of random politically-motivated internet strangers?
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  3. Your post history shows that you've been pretty active slapping down Pizzagate posts.

    Isn't this a forum where we should encourage critical thinking and questioning of the status quo and mainstream media?

    Why exactly are you so motivated toward slapping down and responding to all Pizzagate posts? Millions of people read the Podesta emails and are taking this very seriously, what is your motivation for following me around on as my opposition on this forum ?
  4. How was I slapping down critical thinking?

    Btw, I just replied to this thread because it was the same topic. My motivation is curiosity and fascination. I am, however, extremely disappointed by the lack of concrete evidence provided by PizzaGate conspiracy theorists .. and yet, the internet obsession continues to grow.

    I'm just tired of people writing up paragraphs and paragraphs and creating hours of hours of video trying to prove that PizzaGate is real, trying to find triangle-shaped objects a la Illuminati in every restaurant logo .. etc.

    It doesn't take that much effort to provide solid and concrete evidence. Like I said, show me video footage or a recording of John Podesta, or any Democratic politician, molesting children. Even a child testifying to being sexually harrassed at a pizza restaurant will suffice as evidence.

    The problem is that you and me have different standards as to what warrants an investigation. You seem to think that somebody reading Wikileaks and seeing the word Pizza in it, will suffice.
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