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    I just want to roundhouse kick something. I'm tired of all this shit. Gahhh And you know what pisses me off the most? When you can't find the fucking remote anywhere. Like you come home from a night of getting hammered and just want to watch the motherfucking olympics but you know what, you can't because you can't find the fucking remote. I'm just going to beat the shit out of my couch and then fuck it until i find this fucking remote. And fuck parking meters. You put in 2 quarters but one doesn't register so you only have 15 minutes. You come back after 16 minutes and woop dee fucking doo you get a parking ticket. And you know what else pisses me off people who try to impose their religion on you. Like bitch If I think spaghetti created the universe and that YOU will go to hell if you too don't think so, I can. Eat. A. Dick. And fuck social class okay bitch if you're born rich your fucking life is 10 times easier than someone who isn't yet you think it appropriate to complain about your 1rst world dilemmas. And fuck poor people who bitch about being poor yet have done it to themselves because of their irresponsible, rebellious behaviors.

    I'm angry at so many more things

    Edit: FUCK

  2. I hate when I'm so mad because I can't find something so I was to waste my rage in a few punches but there is nothing to punch so I get mad because I realize the only thing to punch is nothing, which makes me more mad.
  3. I feel like this sometimes too, but the herb calms me down.
  4. Take a hit man, chillax.
  5. I fucking know that feel bro
  6. [quote name='"tanman12"']actually jus tke vicodin or somin or som codiene that works an then try sum killer green[/quote]

    Talk of other drugs isn't allowed here, and that's a terrible suggestion anyway lol.

  7. I'm not the only one who sees this, right?...
  8. This is ridiculous. If you spend the same amount of time time as it took you to think of all this shit and write this terrible post... but instead focused on all the things that made you happy and feel good.... you would be feeling happier and better emotionally.

    But instead, its "FUCK THIS FUCK THAT WALLOW WALLOW WALLOW everything sucks because i'm focusing on the things that suck mehmehmehmeh"

    meanwhile, I'm sober, calm, and happy. Because I know life is allll goood :hello::smoke:
  9. I'm happy as a muthafuckin whistle. Good grades, steady flow of cash, parents love me, chicks fuck me. But you know what pisses me off? people who misinterpret my posts!


  10. you must be really, really bored
  11. agreed, or he's 12.

    or he's 12.... and he's bored. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a lethal combo.
  12. Road house
  13. @Soccerdouche: For someone who's all about positivity, you are pretty negative. Want to talk about it? I don't, teehee.


  14. Thanks :smoke:

    I was running out of oil for my lamp anyways ;)

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