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Im so pissed just got shorted on a half

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BONGZILLA420, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. I picked up a half from this kid I've never bought from. It looked like some straight shit but when I weighed it out of the bag it said 11.7 which is way less then a half. This kid bought it off someone else and I guess it got shorted so I got this kid calling his guy. But if I don't get reimbursed I'm gonna kick this kids ass. Should I do it? Its a worthy enough thing to fight over.
  2. Dunno, I don't ever think fightings the answer but I'd definetely do something about it.
  3. that sucks man.

    i wouldnt kick his ass, just make sure he makes up for it in the future.
  4. A half is 14 Grams. So its 2.3
  5. But this kid is'nt going to reimburse me. He said ehe wasn't it was the first thing he said when I told him it was short.
  6. Personally, I dont think 2.3 grams would be worth fighting this kid. just see if he can help you out, and if he can't hopefully he'll feel bad and throw in some extra next time
  7. scare his bitch ass and make sure he knows not to dick around nemore. and if were tlaking dank here thats like 35 dollars short. id get pissed over 35 dollars man and make sure i got it back
  8. i wouldnt fight over it this time, if anything i would find a more reliable dealer but if he stiffs you again then you should fuck his punk ass up but i usually don't condone fighting but just smoke what you got and realize it isnt worth it. 2.3 grams isnt worth getting that upset over.
  9. Take your business elsewhere and let him know that your advising every1 to do the same.
  10. sounds like hes being a total asshole and basically telling you flat out hes not going to cough up that 2.3 and what you gonna do about it? haha man just kick his ass, right on
  11. when ya bag is light
    spark a jay at night
    pick up that bat and walk ova to his place
    and smash the bat to a face!

    *to the tune of that half baked thing involving sampson, and pick up that card"

    get whats yours....
  12. sounds like u should roll the kid.. teach him a lesson:cool:
  13. beating a kid up over weed seems ironic. A drug that chills you out and makes you mellow and none violent causes you to become violent. Thats just me though
  14. Thats Hilarious.
  15. My guess is he took out the 2.3 for the trouble he went through to get you the sack. Just a little side profit he made off of the transaction. Just tell him that he lost a loyal customer because he was being shady. OR invest in a scale
  16. I second that.
  17. lol hit me up we'll go kick his ass and smoke that 2.3
  18. I would definitely be demanding my money back, and I personally wouldn't hesitate to punch him in the face to let him know you aren't fucking playing. Getting ripped off is some bullshit, and I wouldn't put up with the presumptuousness of someone who considered me a safe bet to cheat.

  19. get him smartly
  20. Tell him you wanna buy like an 8th or something, then when he shows you the bag just be like "oh you owe me this" and walk away :)

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