I'm so lucky, but so fucked at the same time

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  1. Ok so I was over at a friends out chillin out for a while drinking. I had 9 beers while I was there. He didn't really have food at his house so I decided to go out and get some dunks then go home. I ate the food and was on my way home with no problems yet. When I got to my road I decided I would try to see how fast my car could go because it was late and my road is a long ass streight away.

    So I got my car up to 130 mph which I thought was sweet until I got to the end oh the road and I crashed my car into a tree doing at least 60. Some body must have herd what happened cuz the cops showed up within 15 min. Not to mention I also have a bowl and about a g of bud on my person when he shows up cuz I was about to walk off the seen. He checks my shit and doesn't even do any sobriety tests or any thing when I told him what happened.

    I'm not 21 so I could have been fucked so hard if he could have smelled the alc on my breath or the weed in my front shirt pocket. I didn't get a ticket for reckless driving or anything. I feel so lucky but at the same time I fucked my car up.
  2. Drunk driving is the coolest.
  3. Sorry if I'm not cool enough for you. I'm just kinda trying to vent. I fucked up bad this literally happened about 2 hours ago.
  4. I hope you get a ticket next time...
  5. You could have killed yourself. Or some one else. *shakes head and walks away*
  6. 130? Take a second to think about that sober while I walk my dog on my quiet neighborhood street.

    You're good time isn't worth somebody else's precious life, make good decisions dude...regardless I'm glad you made it out alright.
  7. how do you crash into a tree going 60 and then post a thread on grasscity? it seems the injuries are concentrated in your brain
  8. as long as you had fun lol...
  9. better to pay the car repair fees than all that DUI bullshit, which is pretty expensive from what I've heard.

    bad move on your part though, seriously.......hope you learned a very valuable lesson
  10. hopefully you feel like a fucking idiot and don't do it again
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    its fucking people like you that kill innocent people. im sure it was worth it though wasnt it?
  12. Yea dude its weird how it works the faster you go the more room you need to stop, LMAO....oh shit Rotten_Apple must be a MADD mother LOL
  13. Going 130 not on the highway?


  14. Yeah you're lucky you didn't cripple or kill yourself or someone else.
    "Try this, just because".
    ...and seriously? Whining about your car?
  15. Dude... Are you for real?

    Any good drink driver knows they need to keep it slow and steady
  16. You deserve the worst that can happen. People still fuckin drinkin and driving in 2012. You can't get more stupid than that. Time to grow the fuck up man. You are not cool in any way.
  17. Quit harpin on the dude, he knows he fucked up.
  18. Your stupid...

    No, I just need to vent.

    It was an acceptable level of stupid to cure an insatiable appetite for some chow..but you take it to another whilst trying to break the sound barrier in your fucking hyundai.....

    Rule 1 for breaking Rules in a vehicle. JUST BREAK ONE LAW AT A TIME THERE SPORT.
  19. You think?
    Would it have been if he'd splattered a family member of yours?
    I mean yeah...insatiable appetite and all...

    So much stupid floating around.
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    This ones for you

    Bohemian Rhapsody - Under Arrest - YouTube

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