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Im so high that my vision is blurry.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cherry057, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. my eyes are so red, i have the worst cotten mouth.
    just broke my one week tolerance break:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. my friend told me that when he got blazed yesterday, he couldn't see anything until he took his glasses off, which makes no sense to me, but maybe you understand
  3. can u see this?
  4. Yea that's called being high..
  5. ***** WTFFFF!!!!
    i cant stop laughing :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::D:D:D:D:D:D
  6. Yous a ganna die!
  7. not like blurry but everything is fuzzy and cartoonish. Im not hallucinating though.
    I can feel every movement in my room.
  8. not a problem until you start feeling movements in your room that arnt there
  9. damn it, i thought sax would quaritine u in that thread till the hammer was warmed up
  10. dude you just fucking scared me. screw you!
  11. hahahah nahh. my bad tho im sorry ur rite i wont post direct shit like that anymore.
  12. thats schizophrenia dude, thats bad. baseless untested theorys have linked weed to it some how
  13. u might wanna remove it, just to be safe. cuz if its there their obligated to give u the hammer
  14. First time smoker
  15. haha i did. i just needed advice but whatever. guess ill just figure it out lol
  16. damn it... im scared to go downstairs to my kitchen IN a dark big house to get a drink D:<
  17. yeahhh kind of and i went a t break too
  18. Its all here in my readings. Rush Limbaugh's Bullshit Boat, 3rd Volume, "Weed is Fun, Fun is Bad, Weed is Bad."
  19. weed is good. i love weed.

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