Im so high i just...

Discussion in 'General' started by catfish swiming, May 11, 2011.

  1. Im so high i just went to log into my account and i put in my username as grasscity without realsing. how about you guys?
  2. im so high i pewped on a girl
  3. im so high im just watch joe rogan podcast
  4. accidently enjoyed a song on the radio
  5. put my cat in the toaster and tried to feed my poptart..
  6. I'm extremely extremely

    sober :(
  7. I accidentally the whole bong
  8. To early for me to be high, my day will drag on if i blaze up now
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    smoked one morning my whole day was a dragon
  10. I'm so high I just hit play on some dark ass dubstep and for a split second, thought aliens were invading.
  11. I am so sober that I am about to go run five miles and go to the gym then get a massage and sushi.
  12. Yo pick me up some sushi man. Standard.:D
  13. Done, I'll send it via next day mail packaged with some dry ice.
  14. i do that with facebook sometimes.

    no smoke in 3 days. im not high at all :(
  15. im so high i have a hard time understanding threads on gc :D

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